Making a request

The easiest way to make a request is to email:

For a request to be considered valid under the Freedom of Information Act, it must:

  • be in writing;
  • include a name and address for correspondence (email address is sufficient);
  • detail the information requested.

However, any request for information received in writing by a University member of staff can constitute an FOI request. The University may charge a fee for the information or disbursements (postage, photocopying etc where reasonable). Once it has received the fee, the University must respond to requests within 20 working days by:

  • confirming whether it holds the information, and
  • either providing a copy or summary of the information, or arranging for the requester to inspect the information,
  • or informing the requester why the information has been withheld.

There is also some helpful guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office on how to make a request.