Our research themes

Our research themes are areas in which we are focused on tackling global challenges. Our themes are routed in our commitment to sustainability, knowledge exchange and collaboration with communities and partners. Discover what our researchers are working on within each theme.

test tubes held in a circular machine against a dark black background. Equitable and sustainable health

Discover a determined, compassionate community dedicated to the possibility that everyone can reach their full health potential.

Sunset over farmland with wind farm on hill Net zero and climate change

Discover a world-leading community of researchers confronting the climate crisis head on.

Creative and cultural industries

Discover how we are combining research, community and technology to provide a catalyst for innovation in the creative and cultural sectors.

Data and digitalisation

Discover the world-leading digital, data and technological research that’s advancing how we view our world.

run down urban street Social justice

Find out how we are championing human rights and demanding a more just world.

University vision and strategy

Find out how our research themes support the university vision and strategy.

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