Global challenge research

Addressing global challenges through collaborative research

From conflict to climate change, and from the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance to educational inequality, the most pressing problems facing the world today are increasingly complex and interlinked – requiring a truly joined-up approach to delivering research with real impact.

That's why our research into global challenges has collaboration firmly at its heart. Bristol researchers work together with partner institutions, policymakers, and local communities across the globe, ensuring that their projects deliver real-world impact. 

Global Challenges Research Fund

With over £7 million of Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) funding secured so far, our co-produced projects are already making a real difference. Together with our partners, we're improving global health, preparing for natural hazards, investigating the impacts of climate change, reducing educational inequality - and much more.

Research Institutes

Specialist Research Institutes harness our strength and depth in key challenge areas, from poverty to population health, while our four University Research Institutes – focusing on environmental change, health, data science, and living well – draw together thematic research, spanning the breadth of our expertise across disciplines.

Our research impact

From improving global health to helping people prepare for natural hazards, our research collaborations are focused on solving real-world problems.

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We actively welcome enquiries from potential partners for challenge-focused research projects.

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Advice for researchers

The Research Development International team provides advice and guidance for University of Bristol researchers applying for international funding.

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