Public Engagement at Bristol

Engaging with the public about our research is an integral and exciting part of academic life at Bristol.

Our team helps connect the University’s research with people and communities beyond academia. By seeking, creating and supporting opportunities to engage,we build meaningful relationships that help shape better research. It ensures our work has impact and relevance and that society's values and opinions inform our research to benefit people’s lives. Watch our short animated video to find out more.

We help:  

  • Improve the quality of research and our interactions within our locality 
  • Increase the relevance of research and the University to society 
  • Fulfil the University’s responsibilities to society 

We do this by: 

  • Facilitating engagement between researchers and communities, leading to mutual benefit and wider societal impact  
  • Advocating responsibility in research and innovation and an inclusive research culture 
  • Upholding the principles of equity in collaboration, mutual respect, reciprocity and cognitive justice in our work with communities and researchers
  • Enabling researchers’ engagement skills development at any career stage  
  • Providing advice on public engagement in funding bids and driving the application and delivery of large-scale grants 
  • Supporting the development and delivery of the University’s Global Civic strategy and managing key partnerships 
  • Sharing best practice in engaged research and inspiring others to embed it in their work.

Our history

Visit Our History page to find out the history of the Public Engagement Team at the University of Bristol.

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