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Litho Printing  ‌

Print Services can undertake much of the print you are likely to need on its range of digital presses, however certain specialist or larger projects may be more suited to litho printing. It is always best to liaise with our highly skilled team who will advise as to the best solution for your requirements, potentially saving time and money. We can also advise on the environmental impact of your print and suggest ways to improve it.

Litho printing is particularly suited to higher volumes, litho presses are expensive to set-up but much cheaper to run.

It is also the perfect choice for those jobs which require specific paper stocks or an exact colour match to Pantone references.

Litho Printing

The size of the finished product will also be relevant, as Litho presses can print on sheet sizes up to B1 (720mm x 1020mm) and sometimes larger - whereas most the University’s in-house presses have a maximum size of SRA3 (320mm x 450mm) though one press has a maximum sheet size of 330mm x 1200mm.

Litho print however cannot accommodate any personalisation (though this can be achieved with a combination of litho and digital print) and it is also worth bearing in mind that lead times are longer – a minimum of 5 working days.

Print Services will manage your project for you, in partnership with our carefully selected approved suppliers. This keeps costs competitive and frees up your time.