Remote consultations workload calculator

This calculator allows you to model the impact of online first, telephone first or video first approaches on GP workload.

The use of this calculator is described in our published paper: Salisbury C, Murphy M, Duncan P. The Impact of Digital-First Consultations on Workload in General Practice: Modeling Study. Journal of medical Internet Research 2020;22(6):e18203.

Download the Excel spreadsheet.
New version available 02/05/2021)

Note: When you open the spreadsheet, you will need to allow Excel to enable macros.

How to use the spreadsheet

  1. Choose the approach you wish to model at the top of the form, using the drop-down boxes.
  2. Choose the parameters you wish to vary on the X and Y axes of the chart.
  3. The form is already populated with estimates for the various parameters based on published research evidence (where possible) but you can enter your own estimates in the light blue boxes on the form and see the effects on the chart.

Interpreting the results

  • The chart (bottom right hand corner) shows how GP workload compares with a conventional access pathway based predominantly on face-to-face consultations. For example, 5% would mean that your estimates will lead to 5% more work than a conventional approach.
  • These estimates take into account the number and duration of different types of consultations.

 Note: the calculator only allows you to model one approach at a time.

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