Workforce and workload

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Current projects

    1. Optic nerve Imaging to Distinguish Papilloedema from Pseudopapilloedema (DiPP study): a systematic review. Funder: UHB Above and Beyond (starts 2020)
    2. Development of primary care referral guIdelines for patients with Papilloedema and Pseudopapilloedema. Funder: NIHR School of Primary Care Research (starts 2022)
    3. Improving the DIagnostic accuracy of referrals for Papilloedema (DiPP) from primary to secondary care: the development of clinical guidelines and educational materials. Funder: NIHR Programme Development grant. Starting date TBC.

Completed projects

  • REMAPP: REMote Advice to Pre-hospital Practitioners - a conversation analytic study of telephone clinical advice calls between GPs and paramedics. Booker, M. Funder: Academy of Medical Sciences. 2020.
  • Realist evaluation of paramedics deployed in general practice (READY Paramedics RCF). Booker M, Voss S.  Funder: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) Research Capability Funding (2019)
  • Sustaining empathy in long term care - Eurythmy Movement Therapy as a care tool. Huntley A (Co-PI), Feder G (Co-PI), Paten R. Funder: Helios Trust (2019)
  • Understanding the volume and content of general practice consultations: the 5th National Morbidity Study. Salisbury C, Hobbs R et al. Funder: NIHR School for Primary Care Research (2016-2017)
  • General practice workload and intensity: an analysis for NHS England from 2007–2014. Hobbs R, Salisbury C et al. Funder: NIHR Policy Research Programme (2015-2016)

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