Health and Social Care Committee: NHS Long-term Plan-legislative proposals inquiry

Dr Sanchez Graells outlined evidence to oppose the strategy of de-regulation of the ‘NHS internal market’ outlined in the NHS Long-term Plan, highlighting issues relating to NHS internal market & competition law and NHS procurement. He also compared the merits of the proposals with the existing rules.

Academic consultation response

Health and Social Care Committee

Call for Evidence: NHS Long-term Plan: legislative proposals inquiry

Consultation date: March 2019

Background to the inquiry

Following its report last year on Integrated care: organisations, partnerships and systems the Health and Social Care Committee decided to scrutinise the legislative proposals put forward to support the implementation of the NHS Long-term Plan. Pre-legislative scrutiny of this kind aims to enhance the quality of legislation brought before the House.

Response to the inquiry

The following response was provided by Dr Sanchez Graells as a result of the call for evidence:

Response to NHS Long-Term Plan: legislative proposals inquiry

Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells

Reader in Economic Law 


Further information

Will be available in due course via the consultation page.

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