Our Staff


Dr. Ian Lindsay, BCFN Director

Ian’s background is in mid-infrared photonic devices, detection techniques and instrumentation. He has worked in industrial R&D on projects addressing the use of mid-IR supercontinuum sources to applications in wide-field imaging for high-throughput cancer screening. Since April 2016 he has been a Postgraduate Teaching and Training fellow in the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials and continues to pursue research interest in mid-IR sources, devices and applications in nanoscience and healthcare. 

Prof. Charl Faul, BCFN Operational Management Team

Charl is a Professor in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry. His research focuses on the use of ionic interactions for the production of highly-organised functional nanostructured materials, particularly the process of Ionic Self-Assembly (ISA).


Prof. David Fermin, BCFN Operational Management Team

David is a Professor in Physical Chemistry, specialising in the field of interfacial electrochemistry. His research activities aim at nanostructuring electrode surfaces and molecular interfaces for efficient light energy conversion and storage. A key aspect of David's research involves controlling charge transfer dynamics across complex hierarchical architectures employing metal and semiconductor nanomaterials.


Dr. Henkjan Gersen, BCFN Operational Management Team

Henkjan is a Senior Lecturer in experimental nano-optics whose research is directed towards probing, manipulating and controlling ultrafast physical and optical processes at nanometre length scales. This is driven by the fact that the control of optical fields in nanostructures with simultaneous nanometre spatial and femtosecond temporal precision offers new and flexible means to control light matter interaction on the nanoscale.

Dr. Simon Hall, BCFN Operational Management Team

Simon is a Senior Lecturer in Materials Chemistry.  His research involves the creation of complex materials with hierarchical order, usually (but not exclusively) through the utilization of cheap and readily-available biological templates. The materials that are produced show enhanced physical characteristics and have found applications in drug delivery, catalysis and nanoparticulate reaction vessels.


Dr. Tom Oliver, BCFN Operational Management Team

Tom is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry. He was awarded the prestigious fellowship to investigate the primary photoprotection pathways of DNA and the exciton transfer/charge separation mechanisms of photovoltaic materials and natural photosynthetic systems. He is expert in the fields of ultrafast dynamics, energy transfer and multidimensional optical spectroscopies.

Dr. Nick Roberts, BCFN Operational Management Team

Nick is a Reader in the School of Biological Sciences.  His research is focused on investigating optical mechanisms that underlie sensory abilities such as polarization vision and the evolution of the bio-optics of signalling and photoreception.  His work adopts a broad intra- and inter-disciplinary approach, using a combination of physics based techniques (microspectrophotometry, laser tweezing, optical modelling and X-ray scattering) and behavioural studies (operant conditioning and novel optomotor techniques). 

Dr. Natasa VasiljevicBCFN Operational Management Team

Natasa is a Lecturer in the School of Physics (H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory). Her research is in the field of Electrochemical Surface Science. She is interested in understanding surface structuring on atomic scales essential for catalytic, electrical, optical and magnetic behaviour of nanomaterials. A key goal of her work involves design of new materials with desired/targeted properties by kinetically manipulating surface and interfacial processes. 


Prof. Stephen Mann FRS, Principal

Steve is a Professor in the School of Chemistry, and leads the Centre for Organized Matter Chemistry. In the BCFN he has an overview of the theme Nanoscience through Engineering to Application. Steve also has a role on the annual Strategic Advisory Board which has representatives from all our key stakeholders.
Prof. Mervyn Miles FRS, Co-Principal

Merv is Professor of Physics in the Nanophysics research group of the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory. His research interests are in Nanoscience and instrumentation, notably ultra-high speed AFM imaging and the Dynamic Holographic Assembler. Merv plays a strategic role in helping to develop and maintain international links between the BCFN and our partner institutions overseas. ‌

 Becky Freshwater, BCFN Manager 




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