There are two nurseries located on the University campus that prioritise places for children of University students and/or staff.

University Day Nursery

The University Day Nursery gives priority in the following order: to undergraduate students, postgraduate students, siblings of those who already attend the nursery and University staff.

Currently, approximately 25% of parents who use the nursery are students and 75% are staff.

Woodland House Nursery

The Woodland House Nursery gives priority to University staff.

Woodland House Nursery became affiliated to the University of Bristol in May 2015, in response to the high demand for places at the University Day Nursery. Places will become available as current children leave.

Both nurseries have their own waiting list. Therefore if parents are interested in both nurseries, they will need to apply to each one separately. Both nurseries offer the opportunity for tax relief on the entire nursery fee. For further information please contact Payroll.

For staff who do not use the University Day Nursery or Woodland House Nursery, there is a  that allows staff to potentially benefit from significant tax and National Insurance savings.