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#8Investments to enable everyone, everywhere, to be physically active

Press release issued: 10 November 2020

Researchers from the University of Bristol and NIHR ARC West have contributed to the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) ‘Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity‘, released today [10 November].

The #8Investments is a concise roadmap for investment and action around the world and is a call to action for everyone, everywhere, including professionals, academics, civil society and decision makers, to embed physical activity in national and subnational policies. 

The campaign provides a summary of eight areas for action which are supported by scientific evidence and have worldwide applicability. It focuses on increasing physical activity across settings, in schools, workplaces and healthcare, through inclusive sport and recreation for all, and investment in active transport systems and healthy built environments.

Dr James Nobles, Senior Research Associate at NIHR ARC West and Senior Research Associate (Qualitative Research) in Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences (PHS), provided input on systems approaches, while Dr Charlie Foster, Reader in Physical Activity and Public Health in the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol, wrote the section on community involvement.

Dr Foster said: "The Eight Investments presents the most effective ways of getting our population to move more. Right now this is more important than ever, particularly for our mental and physical health benefits. It could provide a great roadmap for of recovery post COVID-19 lockdown periods.

"It also serves a reminder that social, health and economic inequalities reflect inequalities in how people are and aren’t active. Our work at the University of Bristol and ARC West is committed to closing these gaps and we are delighted that our research has contributed to this report."

Dr Nobles added: "It was a pleasure to input into the creation of ISPAH’s ‘Eight Investments that Work for Physical Activity’. This will be an invaluable resource for stakeholders who want to increase physical activity levels across their populations.

"We were able to draw on our expertise in working with Active Gloucestershire who are seeking to implement a whole systems approach to physical activity across the county, with the eight investments all being placed in this context. They also provide a very good example for how community-wide initiatives can act as a catalyst for systems change."

Further information

ISPAH’s #8Investments complements the World Health Organization Global Action Plan for Physical Activity 2018-2030, assisting communities and countries looking to respond to the physical inactivity pandemic. 

You can advocate for a more physically active world by reading, sharing and endorsing the #8Investments document, which can be accessed here along with a suite of resources to support your advocacy efforts.0

Join the conversation by engaging with ISPAH and their global community online on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share your stories of engagement using #8Investments.

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