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We offer a diverse and broad range of units, across Composition, Performance and Music History and Analysis, through all years of our single and joint honours programmes. Bristol is one of the UK's centres for the creative industries, and staff and students participate in the diverse musical life of the city.

Music single honours

Music joint honours

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The department also contributes to the following multidisciplinary courses:

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Careers: what can I do with a music degree?

Each year, our students go on to follow a great range of career options, both directly and indirectly related to music.

Scholarships available

Funding opportunities are available to applicants and current students.

A female student with long hair in a red and white top sat of a black box, looking down and strumming a small guitar.  Making music at Bristol

We have a huge number of ensembles and other music-making opportunities for Music students and non-Music students alike.

I feel so privileged to have benefitted from the inspiring lecturers and unmatched extracurricular opportunities that Bristol has to offer. I had the time of my life meeting fantastic people and learned more about true musicianship than I had thought possible.

Ayala (Music BA, 2020)
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