Short Course Materials & Recordings [University of Bristol only]

To make our popular short course training materials more widely available, we are pleased to offer University of Bristol staff and postgraduate students access to course materials and recordings. Our comprehensive programme of Materials & Recordings (M&R) courses are ideal for self-paced learning, to dip into a new subject area or simply refresh your knowledge.

31 short courses are currently available as an M&R option. UoB staff and PGRs can self enrol at any point in the year for immediate access to course materials and recordings. Find out more below:


We have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us directly.

Square image of a young woman smiling using a laptop with a blue background and the text "Bristol Medical School Short Courses. Want to refresh your knowledge? Can't do the live course? Free access to short course materials and recordings for UoB staff and PGRs. Materials & Recordings self-enrolment link

To ensure an M&R course is suitable for you, remember to review the course 
IT and knowledge prerequisites.

I think the best thing is the materials only versions available to PhD students, which has allowed me to brush up on skills I should have and save my course vouchers to learn new skills crucial to my degree. It also gives me the opportunity to learn outside of my area if I have the time, and make connections to other students and researchers within the department. I'm very glad that the resources remain on blackboard after the courses have run, and I think they're presented in a logical and easily accessible manner on blackboard.

Course feedback (May 2023)

A great way to manage the course in your own terms, in your own time. 100% recommended.

Medical School PhD student
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