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Obituary: Former Minister of Labour and Senior Counsel at the Bar of Mauritius, Me. Yousuf Abdul Razack Mohamed (LLB 1961)

Press release issued: 9 June 2022

Yousuf Abdul Razack Mohamed, who was an alumnus of the Law School and went on to become Minister of Labour and Senior Counsel at the Bar of Mauritius, passed away on Sunday 3 April 2022.

Head of the University of Bristol Law School, Professor Ken Oliphant said: “It is with sadness that we note the passing of Me. Yousuf Mohamed, while taking the opportunity to celebrate his distinguished career and other achievements.” 

Mauritian news outlet, Le Matinal said: "The former Minister of Labour and Senior Counsel was 88 years old and suffered a long-term illness. His funeral took place at the Bois Marchand Cemetery after the final Islamic burial rites, the Namaz Janaaza, at the Bassa Mosque in Quatre Bornes, not far from his home on Avenue Forget. A large group of former supporters and opponents came to his home in Quatre Bornes to bid a dignified farewell to a patriot, one of the last fighters for the country’s independence." 

President Pradeep Roopun paid his respect to a hard worker., saying he had left his mark on the legal profession. For the past 35 years, Pradeep Roopun had the opportunity to work with and against Yousuf Mohamed. For him, the latter was not only a‘courteous’ man but ‘one of the best cross-examiners‘.  

Vice President, Eddy Boissézon knew Yousuf Mohamed on a ‘professional and personal political level'. He spoke of the former Minister of Labour as a fine politician, who projected the image of an honest politician, even if it was sometimes to the detriment of his political party. He was courteous in his dialogue but sometimes caustic. Mauritius has lost a great man and a great lawmaker. 

Founder and Head of Chambers at MC Law Offices, Yousuf had a varied career, as outlined below: 

1961- Yousuf returned to Mauritius after the completion of his academic studies at the University of Bristol Law School and started practising at the Mauritian Bar as a Barrister. 

1963 - He left Mauritius for the Faculté de Droit – Paris to study French Law. 

1965: Returning from his studies, he resumed his practice at the Bar. 

1967 to 1976 – Yousuf served as an elected Member of Parliament. 

1976 to 1979 – He served as Minister of Labour and Industrial Relations. 

1979 – Yousuf had the privilege of being appointed as Ambassador to Egypt with accreditation to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 

1981 to 1987 – He was elected to Parliament again and served as Deputy Speaker. 

1981 – Yousuf resumed his practice at the Bar. 

July 1995 – He was elevated to the position of Senior Counsel (S.C.) 

2003 – Yousuf was conferred the title Grand Officer of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (G.O.S.K) by the President of the Republic. 


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