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Seminar Summary: 'Migration and Climate Change' organized by ACH and MMB

7 October 2022

On 5 October 2023, Dr Kathryn Allinson and Dr Alice Venn shared their views on 'Migration and Climate Change' in the seminar organized by ACH and MMB.

On 5 October 2023, Migration Mobilities Bristol(MMB) and Ashley Community & Housing Ltd(ACH) organised the seminar 'Migration and Climate Change'. The panelists discussed and explored the interconnections between migration and climate change, delving deeper into local, national and international themes and issues. From international law to local climate inequalities such as air quality, refugee and migrant communities are often the most affected by the climate crisis. The panel included:

  • Dr Laura DeVito, Senior Research Fellow in Geography and Environmental Management at UWE
  • Dr Kathryn Allinson, Lecturer in law and Co-director of the Centre of Internation Law, University of Bristol
  • Dr Alice Venn, Lecturer in law, University of Bristol
  • Tom Dixon, Research and Project Lead at ACH

For the summary, presentation slides and video recording of the seminar, Go to ACH and MMB Seminar Series: Migration and Climate Change | ACH

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