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Tips for revision success – building a healthy study routine

Jacob Simpson

Press release issued: 30 March 2021

In preparation for the upcoming assessment period, final year MA Law student, Jacob Simpson has provided his tips for success when it comes to revision. He outlines how to create a healthy routine, break down revision notes and to ensure well deserved breaks are included. Read on to find out more.

Tip 1: Get into a good routine

Try waking up at the same time every day, starting work at the same time, and sticking to a work schedule. I plan my weeks out in advance using the Outlook Calendar so I can focus my revision. If you wake up and start work by 9am, then stick to your schedule and get some good work done until 5pm, you can relax and enjoy your free time in the evenings whilst knowing you've made great progress in the day!     

Tip 2: Organise your notes

I can't overemphasise how important well-ordered notes are to success during assessments. Take the time to go back over your lecture notes and clean up any loose ends in them. - I've come across so many notes-to-self in my old lectures saying "I don't get this. Check the PowerPoint for clarity". The last thing you want when you're looking for a vital piece of information is a note saying you need to look it up!

It also really helps to identify how you work best - is it using flashcards? Is it by pinning notes to door handles and fridges? Is it with study sessions with your classmates? I'm in my fifth year of university now so I know I work best by compiling a big document with all the important materials in, but I've got friends who love mind-maps and flash cards too. There are no right answers - it's all about knowing how YOU work best.         

Tip 3: Give yourself a well deserved break

This goes along with my scheduling advice - when you're plotting your days out, give yourself a break and make sure you stick to it. I plot myself a break roughly once an hour to make sure I don't go mad whilst going over notes. It helps to refresh your brain, especially when your concentration starts to slip. A lot of studies suggest that most people can only focus properly for around 45-50 minutes in one sitting - work done after a stint of about this length won't be of the same quality, so it helps to have a tea break where you're away from your work. When you come back, you'll be refreshed and ready to go again! Once every few days I like to plan a really good break for myself - maybe I'll pick up my instrument for an hour, or bake some bread, or go and feed the ducks. Whatever it is, use it as a mini-break. Half a day's revision won't make all the difference to your overall grades, but half a day's break will do wonders for your mental health.

Finally, be kind to yourself, and be proud of all you accomplish!

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