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Reforming Maritime Salvage Law

12 April 2010

Professor Francis Rose is part of a British Maritime Law Association working group contributing to a Comité Maritime International Sub-Committee which is considering revisions to the International Convention on Salvage 1989.

The Comité Maritime International  has set up an International Sub-Committee to consider revision of the International Convention on Salvage 1989.  Professor Francis Rose, author of the leading book on the subject  - Kennedy & Rose: Law of Salvage, 7th edition, 2010 -  has become a part of the British Maritime Law Association contingent contributing to this work.

The Comité Maritime International (CMI) is a non-governmental international organization, established in 1897, and is the oldest international organization in the maritime field. Its object is to contribute by all appropriate means and activities to the unification of maritime law in all its aspects.

The British Maritime Law Association was founded in 1908. Its purposes are:

  • to promote the study and the advancement of British maritime and mercantile law:
  • to promote and consider with foreign and other maritime law associations proposals for the unification of maritime and mercantile law in the practice of different nations:
  • to afford opportunities for members to discuss matters of national and international maritime law: to collect and circulate amongst its members information regarding maritime and mercantile law and to establish a collection of publications and documents of interest to members.


Further information

Membership of the British Maritime Law Association consists of representatives from the following groups: shipowners, shippers, merchants, manufactures, insurers, insurance brokers, tug owners, shipbuilders, port and harbour authorities, bankers, classifications societies or other societies or bodies interested in the objects of the Association. The Association also has a number of individual members who may be employees of corporate or institute members or barristers or others with out a corporate identity. The Association acts as an adviser to U.K. Government bodies responsible for maritime legislation or regulation and co-operates with its international parent body, the CMI, in research and drafting of international instruments for the harmonisation of maritime and mercantile law.
Please contact Professor Francis Rose for further information.
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