Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Junior Lawyers Against Poverty extends legal education beyond casework. Students go out into the community to deliver presentations to non-lawyers in a clear and engaging way.


Our interactive legal education sessions in local secondary schools focus on topics relevant to teenagersOur students share with pupils what it’s like to study law and possible career pathways after university.

Local organisations

JLAP projects educate and engage members of the public in discussions about their rights. Students working on JLAP projects have:
  • Collaborated with the Student Union’s My Rent, My Rights project, creating leaflets on students' housing rights.
  • Delivered a presentation on Mental Capacity Law and dementia to Bath and North East Somerset Dementia Support TeamRead the news article.
  • Provided legal education and support to local domestic violence charities. The support informed service users of their rights in the criminal and civil justice systems.

International Clinic

In 2021 we set up an International Clinic to give students the opportunity to engage in comparative law and to network with students from clinics in other countries. So far, the International Clinic has collaborated with clinics in France and India.

International Student Symposium

The Law Clinic Student Committee organised the first international student symposium in 2021. This online event, which reflected the global clinical movement, was attended by 200 students from all over the world. Students from the UK, Israel, India, and Spain presented on their work in their clinics. The event was created to give students across the world the opportunity to make and deliver presentations about clinical legal education. Speakers discussed topics including: ‘Should clinics be mandatory for students?’ (Bar-Ilan University, Israel); ‘Improving access to justice’ (Bennett University, India), and ‘HIV and the rights in the legal clinic’ (Alcalá University, Spain). Read the news article.

If you would like our Law Clinic students to give a presentation at your school or organisation, please contact us at bristol-lawclinic@bristol.ac.uk

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