Meet the Presidents

With an enviable reputation for excellence our award-winning student societies work closely with the School and our alumni network to keep relationships with the sector alive and strong. Here this year's presidents outline their goals for the year, talk about their personal aspirations - and how they are planning to work with us to create a community of scholarship in which all students can thrive.

  • 'Best Law Society Overall': UBLC, winners, LawCareers.Net Awards 2020
  • 'Best New Society': Bristol SU Society Awards 2020

After graduating I hope to further my education by doing a Master's degree. I am mostly interested in medical and civil law. My ambition is to ultimately become a Civil or Clinical Negligence Barrister after doing a Master's degree.

Hiba Ahmed, President, Bar Society

Following my graduation, I hope to pursue a career in commercial law focusing specifically in M&A and leveraged finance areas within a leading international firm.


Following my graduation, I hope to commence a training contract in a regional firm, with a particular focus on renewable energy or environmental law, whilst making environmentally sustainable contributions to the firm, and the community in which I live.

Quinn Carlyle-Scott, President, Environmental and Energy Law Society

I appreciate the value of representation and have a passion for travelling and learning about cultures. I aim to continue my studies abroad and hopefully become a successful diplomat one day.

Yasmine Saif, President ELSA Bristol

I have always been a planner, but the biggest lesson that I have learnt so far whilst at Bristol is that you do not need to rush. I want to take my time to figure out where I want to go and what I want to do, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. For now, my ambition is to make the UBLC the best society that it can be. After that, we shall see!

Bailey Wallace, President, Law Club

After graduation I endeavour to pursue a career as a solicitor. Moreover, as an avid participant of pro-bono work in the Law Clinic since the beginning of university, I would like to continue to volunteer free legal advice and representation throughout my journey in law.

Alys Grove, President, Medical Law Society

I aspire to continue to grow where I have been planted: at a law firm with a genuine commitment to their pro bono practice.

Cher Roque, President, Pro Bono Society

I have always dreamed of working at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and want to contribute towards bettering the Global Intellectual Property Policy and Governance.

Sanskriti Bahuguna, President, Research for Change

Upon graduation, I hope to get an LLM in Environmental Law, and work in legal charities related to housing and LGBTQ+ rights. Following that, I want to start my career as a solicitor at a City law firm in London.

Ana Oris, President, Unity and Diversity in Law

Although I'm still unclear about my future and what I want to do, I definitely have a strong inclination toward criminal defence, especially working internationally.

Arwen Cox, President, Women in Law Society

I hope to pursue a career at the Immigration Bar, specialising in refugee and asylum law. Ultimately, I hope to have an NGO of my own and continue conversations with communities.

Laura Garlick, President, Criminal Justice Society

Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

Amelia Lee, Student Director, Law Clinic

Hiba Ahmed, Bar Society

Hello! My name is Hiba Ahmed. I am the President of the Bar Society for the year 2022-23 and a second-year law student. I was actually hesitant on joining the Bar Society because I was unsure on whether I wanted to be a Barrister. Speaking from experience, don’t worry if you are still unsure of what you want to do after university. The Bar Society welcomes all students! Our (unofficial) slogan is that there is 'no bar to the bar'. It was only after going to various events and participating in competitions, I realised my passion for advocacy and gained an interest in pursuing a career as a barrister. I look forward to ensuring that this society has more to offer to its members next year in helping them shape their future.

Max Davies, Commercial Awareness Society

My name is Max Davies and I am President of the Commercial Awareness Society for 2022/23. I am a second year law student and aspiring commercial solicitor in London. Aided by my experience in commercial law applications, I intended to lead the CAS committee to strengthen the availability of information and employment opportunities for the society’s members. Throughout my first year, I was involved in the CAS’ competitions and opportunities. Following this, I firmly believe that I, along with my fellow team on the committee, can further provide help and guide our members in looking at commercial law opportunities over the course of the coming year.

Quinn Carlyle-Scott, Environmental and Energy Law Society

Hello everyone! My name is Quinn Carlyle-Scott, and I am looking forward to taking on the role of President of the Environmental and Energy Law Society (EELS). I am a final-year Law student with an ambition to become a solicitor, and whilst I am interested in a variety of sectors, such as clean energy, transport, and medical negligence, I want to ensure that I actively contribute to and improve my future firm’s environmentally sustainable practices. This year, we’ll aim to widen the society’s engagement with law firms, chambers, and other employers to provide members with a variety of opportunities to pursue careers in environmental law and beyond. On behalf of myself and the committee, we are really excited about the prospect of enhancing the EELS and ensuring that the society benefits not only its members but also the environment. 

Yasmine Saif, European Law Students' Association (Bristol) (ELSA)

Hello! My name Yasmine Saif. I am a final-year Law student and am very excited to be the President of the European Law Students’ Association (Bristol)! I am an international student from Jordan and come from a Palestinian-Swedish family. Having been part of ELSA Bristol as the VP for Marketing, I am very lucky to have experienced everything it has to offer and am looking forward to work with the team to provide more exciting events. I enjoy a challenge and am sure this year will not be easy, but I am certain ELSA Bristol will work hard to resume in-person events and improve all aspects of all our departments. Being Palestinian, I understand what it feels like being from a minority, therefore, I aim to introduce an even more diverse and inclusive environment where everyone and anyone can feel welcomed. My focus will be on expanding our membership base and maintaining our external relations to continue our society’s progression.

Bailey Wallace, Law Club

I am proud to be the first person in my family to have ever attended University. I was State school educated at the start of my school career in a working-class area of Birmingham, and spent my Secondary education in Exeter, Devon. Never was it imagined that I would reach the heights of attending law school at an institution as prestigious as Bristol University, and I am now even prouder to say that I am the President of the University of Bristol Law Club, the largest law society in Bristol. I hope that through my position I can help other people to get to reach their potential and create a society that helps set individuals up to fulfil their aspirations when their time as a member of the UBLC comes to an end.

Alys Grove, Medical Law Society

Hi everyone! My name is Alys Grove and I am super excited to be the President of the University of Bristol Medical Law Society (UBMLS) this year. After sitting on the committee as the Pro-Bono Manager last year, I knew I wanted to remain embedded within such a great society- and what better way to do that than becoming the President! During my first year of university, I only attended in-person classes twice due to the pandemic, and so I found my passion for medical law through attending UBMLS events online. Thus, after taking medical law as an option last year and consequently being part of the committee, my intentions going forward are to build and expand the society by providing opportunities, events and a friendly face to both old members and new! 

Cher Roque, Pro Bono Society

I am Cher Roque, the President of the Pro Bono Society for the year 2022/23. I am currently pursuing my master's in law, having completed my undergraduate degree in the arts. My work at Justice Without Borders - an organisation providing cross-border legal assistance to migrant workers - inspired me to advocate for individuals who hardly had the means to seek justice. By taking up pro bono work, I have realised the importance of access to free legal support, and I have made it a mission for others to recognise it as well. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead a society with a purpose so near and dear to me. I, along with this year's committee, are greatly looking forward to welcoming you at our events! 

Sanskriti Bahuguna, Research for Change (RfC)

My name is Sanskriti Bahuguna, and I am the President for Research for Change (RFC) for 2022-23. I am a final year law student and have had the pleasure of being a part of RFC since my very first- year. Numerous societies at Bristol offer varied opportunities to students to prepare them for a career in corporate law or a career at the Bar, but I felt a distinct lack of opportunities for opportunities in academia. Having helped RFC expand to incorporate social media content and a podcast wing, I am very excited to bring fresh opportunities for students to engage with research with my team. I have used our platform to better my understanding of Intellectual Property law and gain some experience in public policy. With my precious experience of working with and competing at the UBLC and Women in Law, I am excited to use my learnings to better RFC's standing within the Law School. 

Ana Oris, Unity & Diversity in Law

Hi everyone, my name is Ana Oris and I am the President of the Unity and Diversity in Law (UDL) Society for 2022/2023. I am currently completing my last year studying Law. I have always had a passion for justice, being heavily involved in NGOs targeting community needs at home. As a queer first-generation immigrant with no connections to the legal industry, in my first year I highly benefitted from the safe environment UDL provided for students to develop the skills crucial to aspiring lawyers. I am eager to continue making an effort to demystify the process of getting a career in the legal sector by hosting our ‘Grassroots Series’, by introducing a Mentorship Programme in order to foster a close-knit community, and by enhancing our School Outreach Programme in areas of low progression to higher education in Bristol.

Arwen Cox, Women in Law Society

Hello, I'm Arwen and I'm delighted to be Women in Law's President for the 2022/23 year! I am a second-year law student and an aspiring criminal defence lawyer hoping to practise in the USA or Canada. Being a woman with a disability, being educated in a state-school and coming from an area where people don't typically have the opportunity to go into further education, I am delighted to be in a position of leadership where I can bring awareness to gender inequality in the legal system. I believe women should be given the same opportunities as men regardless and, as my position as president, I hope to create a safe and comfortable environment for aspiring female lawyers to connect with their like-minded peers and learn key skills to succeed in their career.

Laura Garlick, Criminal Justice Society

Hello! My name is Laura Garlick and I’m a third-year law student. I’m very excited to be President of the Criminal Justice Society for the incoming year. I have been involved in the start-up of the society in 2021 and I’m looking forward to seeing our community grow! Outside of my studies, I volunteer with Bristol Reporting Solidarity and have been involved with multiple student networks. These have highlighted how vital our conversations are, given the realities of working within the criminal justice system. It is fundamental for us as a group, to expand and sustain our conversations beyond the law, but all branches of the system and beyond the student community. I also enjoy trying out new recipes and attending drawing classes when I can!

Amelia Lee, Law Clinic

My name is Amelia Lee and I am an international student from Singapore and an upcoming final year LLB undergraduate at the University of Bristol. I view becoming the director of the University of Bristol Law Clinic as an immense privilege as it supports vulnerable individuals get the justice they deserve through giving pro bono legal advice. On a personal level, I support the Law Clinic's dedication to equality and diversity and am very proud of the diverse committee we have put together for the upcoming academic year. In my free time, I love to cook for loved ones and take walks around campus to take in the sights! 

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