Health in an Ageing Society

8 December 2023, 10.30 AM - 8 December 2023, 12.00 PM

Professor Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer for England)


Hosted by the Faculty of Public Health

Professor Chris Whitty will outline the findings from his forthcoming annual report ‘Health in an Ageing Society.’

Our society is getting older, and whilst people living longer is a testament to advances in public health and medical technology, the challenge for modern society is to ensure that older age is as healthy, independent and enjoyable as possible.

Professor Whitty will discuss different approaches to maintaining independence in later life and the main challenges we face in supporting this work as public health professionals.

Joining the event will be a distinguished panel including: 

  • Professor Kevin Fenton, FPH President
  • Professor Graham Ellis, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Scotland
  • Dr Carol Brayne, Professor of Public Health Medicine
  • Dr Amrita Jesurasa, National Lead for Prevention in Wales

The biographies of all speakers are available here.

Please register in advance via the website.

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