Dysregulated immunity and infection lead to illness and death worldwide. More than half of childhood deaths are due to an infectious cause; disorders of the immune system like allergy and autoimmunity are increasing rapidly in the ‌developed world and the immune system is increasingly being manipulated to allow organ transplantation and to control cancer.

The Infection and Immunity Research Network, which is supported by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, embraces this diversity of application, incorporating expertise ranging from fundamental studies of the structure of bacteria to population based research tackling the management of antibiotic resistance in general practice. Our key research areas include the pathogenesis of infection, population and human health research and immune regulation. The Network focuses on important areas of overlap that align with research funder and University priorities.

Mouse strains

The Infection and Immunity Research Network collects information on mouse strains used locally for research agrrements (MTAs). If you wish to learn more about a particular strain, please email infection-immunity@bristol.ac.uk; we will pass your enquiry on to the investigator who owns the mice. While we will make efforts to keep this list up to date, availability may change without notice.

Genetically_modified_mouse_strains (Office document, 21kB)

Infection and Immunity Research Strategy and Terms of Reference

The Network has a research strategy and terms of reference for the steering group: Strategy_and_Terms_of_Reference (PDF, 320kB)

Micrograph of immune cells infiltrating the eye
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