Impact of mechanical microenvironment on cancer stemness

29 November 2023, 1.00 PM - 29 November 2023, 2.00 PM

Nobue Itasaki (Bristol Veterinary School)

Dolberry Video Conferencing Suite, Dolberry Building, Langford campus

Hosted by Bristol Veterinary School

Nobue graduated from Hiroshima University School of Medicine and her expertise lies in cell-cell interaction and signalling in embryos and cancer.

Cells detect signals from their microenvironment and respond accordingly by regulating their actions such as proliferation, migration and differentiation, through gene expression regulation. This is true not only in embryonic development and adult homeostasis, but also in pathological conditions like cancer. In fact, cancer cells can become resistant to certain drugs, metastasize and de-differentiate as the disease progresses. Our current study is focused on exploring the impact of mechanical signals on cancer stemness.

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