BBSRC: Develop solutions for endemic livestock disease: phase two information webinar

19 August 2022, 1.00 PM - 19 August 2022, 3.00 PM


Closing date for the funding scheme: 6 October 2022 

The Endemic Livestock Diseases Initiative will connect researchers in universities, institutes and businesses with farmers, agricultural practitioners, and policymakers to explore ambitious solutions for challenges to productivity, animal health and welfare in the UK livestock sector. 

The initiative has been developed in consultation with Defra, DAERA and the Scottish Government who are acting as co-funders. This consultation has included consideration of how the Endemic Livestock Diseases Initiative aligns with the Defra Farming Innovation Programme. 

The projects supported in the initiative will stimulate novel collaborations that draw upon the full strength of the research community supported across UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), developing towards new solutions that could progress towards activities funded through the Farming Innovation Programme, if appropriate. 

All projects must include at least one business project partner. 

This initiative aims to reduce the levels and impact of endemic disease on:

  • UK livestock sector productivity
  • the health and welfare of animals in the UK herd. 

The full economic cost of your project can be up to £1,000,000. BBSRC will fund 80% of the full economic cost. The business project partner must contribute at least 10% cash (or in-kind) of the full economic cost of the project. 

BBSRC are running two seminars to learn more about this opportunity:

The webinar will be made available online for anyone unable to attend.

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