The Infection and Immunity Research Network Steering Group

The I&I Research Network exists to enhance and facilitate infection and immunity research activity and strategic planning. This includes identifying and resourcing key equipment, the improvement of internal communication and collaboration, the identification of key funding priorities and opportunities, and developing better external communication of our research to scientific and healthcare professionals, schools and the general public.

The main visible activities of the Network are a series of events and structures which aim to unify and co-ordinate research activity across large numbers of researchers, and include annual symposia and an annual Early Career Researchers’ event.

The community is guided by a Steering Group under the Network's Terms of Reference: Strategy_and_Terms_of_Reference (PDF, 320kB)

The Steering Group is comprised of the following people (in alphabetical order):

Name Position (School) Contact
Julia Colston, co-Chair (clinical)

Consultant in Infection (North Bristol Trust)

contact the admin
Ed Moran, co-Chair (clinical) Consultant in Infectious Disease (North Bristol Trust) contact the admin
Borko Amulic, co-Chair (discovery science) Lecturer in Immunology (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
Luca Shytaj, co-Chair (discovery science) Lecturer (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
Matthew Avison Professor of Molecular Bacteriology (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)

Nihal Bandara

Senior Lecturer in Oral Microbiology (Bristol Dental School)

Charles Beck

Consultant Epidemiologist & Head of Team, Field Service South West, Field Service, National Infection Service, UK Health Security Agency
Sinead English

Senior Research Fellow (School of Biological Sciences)
Hannah Fraser

Research Fellow in Infectious Disease Mathematical Modelling (Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences) - Early Career Researcher representative

Clare French Research Fellow in Research Synthesis (Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences)
Anu Goenka Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
Melanie Hezzell Senior Lecturer in Cardiology (Bristol Veterinary School)
Rajeka Lazarus Consultant in Infection contact the admin
Anna Long Senior Research Associate (Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow) (Bristol Medical School: Translational Health Sciences)
Jamie Mann Lecturer in Vaccinology & Immunotherapy (Bristol Veterinary School)
Suzanne Mills Research Development Associate for the Faculties of Health and Life Sciences  
Adrian Mulholland Professor (Chemistry)
Laura Peachey Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology (Bristol Veterinary School)
Annela Seddon Director of the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (School of Physics)
Peter Vickerman Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling (Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences)
Catherine Brown Research Development Administrator for the Network (Research Development UK / Elizabeth Blackwell Institute)
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