Vet School Allowances

There are currently three allowances that are payable to eligible staff in Bristol Veterinary School. Individuals in receipt of one or more allowances will have this confirmed in their contract of employment. 

  • Additional Veterinary Allowance recognises professional qualifications where these are required by the role (MRCVS, European or American Clinical Diploma) and pays the recipient a 5% uplift to their actual basic salary.   
  • Clinical Veterinary Supplement is paid to staff who undertake clinical work in the School and links directly to the time spent undertaking clinical work.  The allowance pays an additional 5% of basic salary in relation to the proportion of FTE spent on clinic i.e. if 30% of an employee’s role is spent on clinical activity then 30% of their salary receives a 5% uplift. 
  • Veterinary Market Supplement is paid to individuals in specific hard to recruit disciplines and pays an annual fixed sum of £10,000 pro rata to FTE.  This allowance is reviewable on the basis of continued good performance. 

Please note the allowances are currently under review.