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Profiles of all current academic staff and postgraduate research students in the History department.

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Academic staff

Name Title Research Interests Email
Austin, Kenneth Associate Professor in Early Modern History Early modern cultural, intellectual and religious history, esp. Renaissance and Reformation.
Baker, Leonard Post Doctoral Research Associate
Banerjee, Sreenanti Senior Research Associate

Global social and political thought; Gender, sexuality, law and justice; Feminism, culture and rights; Postcolonial and Subaltern Studies; Modern Indian historiography; Michel Foucault, Reproductive Justice and Ethnonationalist Politics.

Bates, Victoria Associate Professor in Modern Medical History Medical history; sensory studies; gender history; material culture
Bickers, Robert Professor of History Modern China; British colonial, imperial and maritime history; global history; mobility; creative history
Biglari, Mattin Lecturer in Asian and Middle Eastern Environmental History Global environmental history; energy history/humanities; science and technology; bodies and health; decolonisation and development; global labour history; racial capitalism; subaltern studies
Carey, Hilary Professor of Imperial and Religious History  
Cervantes, Fernando Reader in History
Chan, Kelvin Research Associate Social history of medicine, history of Hong Kong, decolonization, drugs, psychiatry, Chinese migration, and traditional Chinese medicine
Charnock, Hannah Senior Lecturer in British History Twentieth-century Britain, gender, sexuality, youth culture, relationships

Chignell, Stephen

Post Doctoral Research Associate Environmental History, Geographic Information Systems, Transdisciplinarity, Critical Physical Geography, Environmental Conservation
Cole, Tim Professor of Social History Holocaust, Memory and Public History, Digital Humanities, Historical Landscapes and Environmental History
Costaguta, Lorenzo Lecturer in U.S. History Ideas of race and ethnicity, labour history and radicalism, history of the global left, anti-colonialism
Din, Aleena Post Doctoral Research Associate  
Donkin, Lucy Senior Lecturer in History and History of Art Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean; material and visual culture; space and place; religion; environment
Dudley, Marianna Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities Environmental history and humanities; energy, water, militaries, landscapes
Dutta, Manikarnika Post Doctoral Research Associate  
Edwards, Amy Senior Lecturer in Modern British History Contemporary British history; cultures of business; enterprise and finance; consumer society; Thatcherism; free-market liberalism.
Ewen, Misha Lecturer in Early Modern History Early Modern England, North America, the Caribbean, women, gender, colonization and slavery
Flack, Andy Senior Lecturer in Modern and Environmental History Environmental history; animal history; senses and emotions; science and technology; night/nocturnal
Fleetwood-Smith, Rebecka Senior Research Associate  
Freeman, James Senior Lecturer in Political History and Digital Humanities
Gipson, Nicole Senior Research Associate Poverty Studies, African American History, African Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies, and Housing Insecurity
Gooptar, Cassandra Research Associate  
Hailwood, Mark Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History Social history/history of everyday life, England, 1500-1700, especially histories of working, drinking, and literacy
Hammett, Jessica ESRC New Investigator  
Hanna, Erika Associate Professor in Modern History Ireland, urban history, cities, infrastructure, visual culture
Hitchmough, Sam Associate Professor American Indian History (particularly post-1944), the Red Power movement; American Indian cultural resistance; U.S.
Holdenried, Anke Senior Lecturer in Medieval History
Howkins, Adrian Reader in Environmental History Environmental History, National Parks, Polar Regions, Antarctica, Religion and Environment
Hutton, Ronald Professor of History Early Modern British History, Paganism,Witchcraft, Magic
Huxford, Grace Senior Lecturer in Modern History Social history; war and conflict; Britain and Europe after 1945; oral history and life writing 
Jones, Evan Associate Professor in Economic History Bristol, maritime history, smuggling, trade, everyday life, 1400-1700
Jones, Sarah Senior Lecturer in History of Sexuality and Gender Gender and sexuality; science and medicine; nineteenth- and twentieth-century print culture; pedagogical research into learning and teaching History in Higher Education
King, Amy Senior Lecturer in Modern European History Fascism; neo-fascism; memory studies; political violence; modern Italy.
Kong, Vivian Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History History of modern Hong Kong; migration and identities; global history; marginality and marginal subjects; Chinese diasporas and Chineseness
Koole, Simeon Lecturer in Liberal Arts and History Nineteenth- and twentieth-century imperial Britain; sensory studies; gender and sexuality studies; history and philosophy of science; disability studies; urban history
Lewis, Su Lin Associate Professor in Modern Global History Twentieth-century Southeast Asian and Global/International History; cities; gender; decolonisation; transnational activism
Mawdsley, Stephen Senior Lecturer in Modern American History Twentieth-century American medicine and public health; disability activism; African American race relations and civil rights
McLellan, Josie Professor of History Public and community history, modern European history, history of gender and sexuality
McLoughlin, Keith Lecturer in Modern British History Technology; defence; politics; transport; social democracy
Moody, Jessica Senior Lecturer in Public History
Mukherjee, Sumita Professor of Modern History Nineteenth and twentieth-century South Asia; British Empire and Britain; migration; gender; transnationalism
Nasar, Saima Senior Lecturer in the History of Africa and its Diasporas Race, Immigration, Empire, Gender
Ncube, Glen Lecturer in Modern African History  
Pang, Allan Research Associate

Transnational Chinese history; Hong Kong history; Southeast Asian history; history education; popular culture; decolonisation 
Parsons, Simon Lecturer in Medieval History
Perry, Jamie Lecturer in Liberal Arts and History Twentieth-century Britain; internationalism; humanitarianism; history of political ideas; activism; Britain and the world
Phipps, Catherine
Lecturer in History of Gender and Sexuality
Pohl, Benjamin  Associate Professor in Medieval History  Manuscript studies, palaeography, codicology, history of the book, European history  
Pooley, Will  Senior Lecturer in Modern History  France (eighteenth to twentieth century), crime, witchcraft and the occult, folklore, creative histories 
Potter, Simon Professor of Modern History History of the mass media since the early nineteenth century, including the press and the BBC; history of Britain and the British Empire since c. 1815
Powell, Martyn Professor of History Ireland, Britain and the US, 1700-1850; politics; associational life and sociability; print culture; violence and popular protest
Rebisz, Bethany Lecturer in African History Gender, African social histories, humanitarianism, development, colonial violence
Reeks, John Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History English Post-Reformation; Early-Stuart History; English Civil Wars; Early Modern England; Religion and Politics.
Ryan, Liam Lecturer in Modern History
Sheldon, Richard Senior Lecturer in Social and Economic History Enlightenment; protest; history of economic ideas; famines and famine relief
Skinner, Kate Professor of African History African history (colonial, postcolonial), gender, law, political mobilisation, education and literacy
Skinner, Robert Senior Lecturer in Modern History
Smith, Callum Lecturer in Modern History  
Smith, Brendan Professor of Medieval History Migration, Colonialism, Frontiers, Finance, Ireland, Digital Humanities
Solleveld, Floris Post Doctoral Research Associate Global history of knowledge, 18th-19th centuries; history of the humanities; colonial linguistics and ethnology floris.solleveldbristol.acuk
Stone, Richard Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History Early Modern History, Environmental History, Economic and Social History, Legacies of Slavery
Thompson, James Professor of Modern British History Intellectual history; political culture; visual and material cultures; numeracy; 'big data'
Velasco Berenguer, Gonzalo Lecturer in Global Early Modern History Early modern global history 1492-1815, Spanish Monarchy, Philippines, Latin America, Catholicism
Wainright, Darius Lecturer in Post-1945 U.S. History
Wallace, Shaun Lecturer in United States History Modern United States (1790-1865); U.S. social and cultural history; African American history; slavery and antislavery; print culture
Watts, James Lecturer in Public History British Empire 1850-1950; environmental history and geographical knowledge; gender and empire
Wei, Ian Senior Lecturer in Medieval European History
Would, Alice Lecturer in Imperial and Environmental History Environmental history, embodied and sensory approaches, animals and the British Empire
Wray, Lucy Post Doctoral Research Associate Social and cultural history, photography, visuality, Ireland
Yep, Ray Research Director of the Centre for the Study of Hong Kong History  

Honorary staff

Booker, Daniel Honorary Research Associate
Boyd, James Honorary Research Associate
Caddick, Barbara Honorary Senior Research Associate
Cohen, Sue Honorary Research Associate
Condon, Margaret Honorary Research Associate
Dresser, Madge Honorary Professor
Eickelmann, Christine Honorary Research Associate
Fedorowich, Kent Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Feerick, Mary Honorary Research Associate
Francescutti, Kristina Honorary Research Associate
Furst, Juliane Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Gryta, Janek Honorary Research Associate
Haines, Daniel Honorary Research Associate Professor
Henry, Lorna Honorary Research Associate
Hodgson, Victoria Honorary Research Fellow
Hutchen, Jude Honorary Research Associate
Jobson, Adrian Honorary Research Fellow

Lyons, John

Honorary Associate Professor
Larkin, Thomas Honorary Research Fellow
Pritchard, Robert Honorary Research Associate
Whitston, Kevin Honorary Research Fellow

Emeritus staff

Alford, Bernard Emeritus Professor of Economic and Social History
Clay, Christopher Emeritus Professor of Economic History
Coates, Peter Emeritus Professor of American and Environmental History
Doyle, William Emeritus Professor of History
MacLeod, Christine Emeritus Professor of History
Middleton, Roger Emeritus Professor of the History of Political Economy
Pemberton, Hugh Emeritus Professor
Tuck, John Emeritus Professor of Medieval History

Research Support Staff

Name Title Email
Andrieu, Nicole

Research Administrator, 
Sensing Spaces of Healthcare: Rethinking the NHS Hospital and
Remaking Britain: South Asian Networks and Connections, 
1830s to the Present
Barlow, Samantha
Centre Manager, Hong Kong History Centre
Cheung, Mei Mei Senior Research Administrator, 
Global Bible: British and German Bible Societies Translating Colonialism, 1800-1914
Chung, Yiuwa Senior Research Administrator, Hong Kong History Centre
Freeman, Abi Research Administrator, 
Mariners:Religion, Race and Empire in British Ports, 1901-1914
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