About the Department of History

Studying history at Bristol is a popular choice for students. We have expertise across a wide range of historic periods and historical approaches, from medieval and early modern to contemporary history. Our research ranges from individual projects to wider initiatives with other University researchers, museums, community groups and members of public.

Our research has a direct impact on teaching, with the latest thinking shaping undergraduate and postgraduate units. But we don't simply convey cutting-edge research to our students: we actively invite you to hands-on, historical research from the very start of your degree. From your first year, you get the chance to engage directly with primary sources, such as personal archival material, photographs, films and magazines.

The department is a friendly, lively environment, with a stimulating internal events calendar and many opportunities for students, staff and external speakers to lead discussions about their work. We are very keen to share our findings with the public, sometimes gathering different perspectives about our specialist areas from members of the public that we might not  have discovered otherwise.

How we are structured

The Department of History is one of five departments within the School of Humanities, which itself forms part of the University's Faculty of Arts.

At Bristol, you are a historian from the moment you arrive.

Professor Tim Cole, Professor of Social History

Engaging the public

Find out about how we engage the public with history.

Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

Read the History Department's statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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