Partnership with the GW4 Alliance

The Jean Golding Institute has partnered with the GW4 Alliance to create a GW4 Data Science Network to act as a hub for news, events and funding opportunities in data science research.

The Jean Golding Institute in collaboration with the GW4 Alliance has created a GW4 Data Science Network which acts as a hub for news, events and funding opportunities in data science research that are available to staff and students throughout the GW4 Alliance. In particular, the Network highlights opportunities and events coming from The Alan Turing Institute that are open to all GW4 universities.

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI in the UK.  The Turing was established with the remit to innovate and develop world-class research in data science and AI that supports next generation theoretical developments and is applied to real-world problems, generating the creation of new businesses, services and jobs.

The GW4 Data Science Network aims to capitalise on the upcoming opportunities that GW4 partners can access via the membership of two University partners (Bristol and Exeter) of The Alan Turing Institute.

The Network has administrative support in all University partners, with a hub at the Jean Golding Institute at the University of Bristol. For more details please contact Elaine Young at

GW4 Data Science Network community leads 

University of Bath (Institute for Mathematical Innovation):  Professor Andreas Kyprianou, Dr Caroline Ang 

University of Bristol (Jean Golding Institute):  Professor Kate Robson Brown, Patricia Holley 

Cardiff University (Data Innovation Research Institute): Professor Paul Harper and Dr Jonathan Gillard  

University of Exeter (Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence):  Professor Richard Everson, Emily Paremain

Members of the GW4 Alliance are able to see the latest opportunities and events using the GW4 Data Science Network Portal.  If you do not already have access to the GW4 portal please request access via the GW4 webpage. Once this has been approved, please email Elaine Young for access to the GW4 Data Science Network.

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