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The Jean Golding Institute facilitates interdisciplinary working and partnerships. We foster a data-intensive research community at the University of Bristol and establish working relationships with local government, community organisations, SMEs and industry.

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Looking to meet academics from other fields of research, find out about their latest passions and discoveries and develop new research partnerhsips?

'Famous for 3 minutes' is a popular fast-paced networking event for academics right across the University of Bristol. With just three minutes and one slide each to communicate their research, attendees get an opportunity to see a huge variety of ideas, models, theories and findings related to data science.

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Browse the table of previous presentations from our Famous for 3 minutes events below to find academics that match your own research interests.


Presentation documents and details from previous events
Title of presentationAuthorSchool/departmentDate of presentationResearch keywords
Advanced statistical methods to analyse eye movements (PDF, 75kB) Bobby Stuijfzand Experimental Psychology 17 November 2016 Eye-tracking, Hidden Markov Models, Multilevel Models, Time-Series 
 Hooking up a university to the world of open data (PDF, 122kB) Martin Poulter Economics, Finance and Management 11 February 2019 open data
Machine learning and InSAR Satellite Imagery (PDF, 512kB)Machine learning and InSAR Satellite Imagery (PDF, 512kB)
Juliet Biggs School of Earth Sciences 11 February 2019 Machine learning, satellite imagery, volcanoes, digital environment
Hands in robotics and wearable technologies (PDF, 311kB)Hands in robotics and wearable technologies (PDF, 311kB)
Antonia Tzemanaki Mechanical Engineering, Bristol Robotics Lab 11 February 2019 Robotics, wearable technologies
A Kozachenko Leonenko estimator (PDF, 75kB) Conor Houghton Computer Science 11 February 2019  Kozachenko Leonenko estimator
Bio inspired robotic swarms for environmental monitoring (PDF, 287kB) Edmund Hunt Engineering mathematics 11 February 2019 enviornmental monitoring, robotic swarm
Using Perl script to search 1.5m US SEC filings for auditor certification of b (PDF, 404kB) Mark Clatworthy Accounting and Finance 23 May 2017 Financial markets, text analysis, auditing
Catalysis (PDF, 342kB) Natalie Fey Chemistry 23 May 2017  
Reprogramming Biology (PDF, 1,644kB) Thomas Gorochowski Biological Sciences 23 May 2017  
Discovery of new wave dynamics using dynamic mode decomposition to sift data (PDF, 5,747kB) Andrew Lawrie Mechanical Engineering 23 May 2017  
Computational biochemistry: enzyme catalysis, protein dynamics and drug design (PDF, 190kB) Adrian Mulholland Chemistry 15 December 2016  
Applied data science for biomedical and (one) health applications (PDF, 686kB) Andrew Dowsey Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 8 February 2017  
Data to knowledge (PDF, 170kB) Becca Wilson Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 18 January 2017  
Untitled Ben Elsworth (PDF, 281kB) Ben Elsworth Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 15 December 2016  
Untitled Ben Powell (PDF, 127kB) Ben Powell Mathematics 17 November 2016  
Untitled Ben Swallow (PDF, 366kB) Ben Swallow Chemistry 8 February 2017  
Example data intensive research project with interdisciplinary uses (PDF, 294kB) Bill Browne Graduate School of Education  17 November 2016  
Multilevel modelling research in vet science, biology, education and beyond! (PDF, 181kB) Bill Browne Graduate School of Education 15 December 2016  
Caroline Gardiner IT Services 18 January 2017  
Untitled Caroline Taylor (PDF, 205kB) Caroline Taylor Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 15 December 2016  
Untitled Casimir Ludwig (PDF, 118kB) Casimir Ludwig Experimental Psychology 17 November 2016  
The cryo-electron microscopy revolution (PDF, 184kB) Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel Biochemistry 17 November 2016  
Data intensive research and me (PDF, 176kB) Christopher Woods Chemistry 17 November 2016  
Spike trains (PDF, 53kB) Conor Houghton Engineering 18 January 2017   
Untitled Dan Lawson (PDF, 281kB) Dan Lawson Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 14 March 2017  
Biotic response to climate change (PDF, 303kB) Daniela Filcheva Engineering 8 February 2017  
Untitled Daniela Filcheva (PDF, 379kB) Daniela Schmidt Earth Sciences 8 February 2017  
Untitled David Glowacki (PDF, 181kB) David Glowacki Chemistry 23 May 2017  
Neighbourhood (PDF, 148kB) David Manley Geographical Sciences 17 November 2016  
Infectious diseases and epidemiology (PDF, 205kB) Ellen Brooks-Pollock Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences 18 January 2017  
Wolfson Bioimaging Facility (PDF, 614kB)Wolfson Bioimaging Facility (PDF, 614kB) David Stephens Biochemistry 17 November 2016  
Data-intensive research and me (PDF, 272kB) Elspeth Van Veeran Sociology, Politics and International Studies 23 May 2017  
Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (PDF, 314kB) Emily White Chemistry 18 January 2017  
Data integration and analysis (PDF, 311kB) Emily Porter Bristol Veterinary School 26 April 2017  
Detailed sequence and domain analysis (PDF, 346kB) Francis Ore Veterinary Sciences 26 April 2017  
Causal inference, instrumental variables estimation (PDF, 64kB) Frank Windmeijer Economics, Finance and Management  15 December 2016  
Mathematical Data Science (PDF, 302kB) Patrick Rubin-Delanchy Mathematics 26 April 2017  
Compare School Performance Service (PDF, 105kB) George Leckie Graduate School of Education 8 February 2017  school performance
Big data in health and labour economics (PDF, 39kB) Gerard van den Berg Economics, Finance and Management 14 March 2017  health, labour economics
Hidden Markov Models (Office document, 843kB) Gethin Williams IT Services‌ 26 April 2017  
Harriet Mills Bristol Medical school: Population Health Sciences 23 May 2017 antimicrobial resistance
Interests (PDF, 68kB) Harvey Goldstein Graduate School of Education 26 April 2017  
Big data challenges in particle physics (PDF, 403kB) Henning Flaecher Physics 17 November 2016 particle physics
CLOSER papers, lab developing, interests and future work (PDF, 130kB) Hugh Garner Bristol Medical School 8 February 2017  
Sphere (PDF, 224kB) Ian Craddock Electrical and Electronic Engineering 14 March 2017 Sphere
Post truth politics? Average sentence lengths of leaders conference speeches (PDF, 60kB) James Freeman History 18 January 2017  
Manufacturing advanced composite structures (PDF, 293kB) James Kratz Aerospace Engineering 17 November 2016  
Food supply (PDF, 976kB) James Thompson History 14 March 2017  
Data intensive seismic imaging (PDF, 156kB) James Wookey Earth Sciences 15 December 2016  
Global ice and ocean mass trends (PDF, 132kB) Jonathan Bamber Geographical Sciences 17 November 2016  
Process simulation of advanced composite structures (PDF, 636kB) Jonathan Belnoue Engineering 8 February 2018  
Data intensive research on the microstructure of bone and dental tissues (PDF, 261kB) Kate Robson Brown Archaeology and Anthropology 15 December 2016  
Gonorrhoea management pathways (PDF, 122kB) Katy Turner Veterinary Science 8 February 2017  
Quantitative Methods (PDF, 236kB) Liz Washbrook Graduate School of Education 18 January 2017  
Big data at University of Bristol (PDF, 92kB) Luke Kreczko Physics 15 December 2016  
Inference of greenhouse gas fluxes (PDF, 416kB) Matt Rigby Chemistry 14 March 2017  
Untitled Matteo Fasiolo & Simon Wood (PDF, 127kB) Matteo Fasiolo & Simon Wood Mathematics 14 March 2017  
Fees in the employment tribunal (PDF, 68kB) Michael Ford Law 23 May 2017  
Untitled Nikolai Bode (PDF, 144kB) Nikolai Bode Engineering Maths 14 March 2017  
Paul Wilcox Engineering 14 March 2017  
Secondary data analysis (PDF, 102kB) Paula Surridge Sociology, Politics and International Studies 23 May 2017  
Main research interests (PDF, 1,977kB) Peter Flach Computer Science 26 April 2017  
How to identify the best colleagues to network with (PDF, 1,816kB) Rafael Carazo Salas Cellular and Molecular Medicine 18 January 2017  
Developing new tools to promote stats education (PDF, 271kB) Richard Parker Graduate School of Education 15 December 2016  
Connected and autonomous vehicles (PDF, 340kB) Rob Piechocki Electrical and Electronic Engineering 26 April 2017  
Interests (PDF, 68kB) Roland Baddeley Experimental Psychology 26 April 2017 deep neural networks, Bayesian methods, human decision making, camouflage
Valid effect estimates (PDF, 179kB) Rosie Cornish Bristol Medical School: Population Health 18 January 2017 ALSPAC, early outcome data, later outcome data, complete data
Untitled Sabine Hauert (PDF, 611kB) Sabine Hauert Engineering Maths 18 January 2017  

Clifton Suspension Bridge Dashboard (PDF, 151kB)

Sam Gunner Engineering Maths 14 March 2017  
Efficient (Bayesian) inference for complex models (using Monte Carlo) (PDF, 166kB) Samual Livingstone Mathematics 23 May 2017  
Children's strategies in verbal memory tasks (PDF, 177kB) Sebastian Poloczek Experimental Psychology 15 December 2017  
Untitled Shelley McKeown Jones (PDF, 429kB) Shelley McKeown Jones Graduate School of Education 17 November 2016  
Untitled Simon Wood (PDF, 494kB) Simon Wood Mathematics 8 February 2017  
Untitled Siobhan McAndrew (PDF, 126kB) Siobhan McAndrew Sociology 17 November 2016  
Nonstationarity in a time series: A measuring tape! (PDF, 889kB) Sourav Das Mathematics 15 December 2016  
Why is the east side of cities in the Western Hemisphere more deprived (PDF, 218kB) Stephan Heblich Economics 26 April 2017  
Computational modelling in engineering (PDF, 307kB) Thomas Rendall Aerospace Engineering 23 May 2017  
Untitled Tim Cole (PDF, 428kB) Tim Cole History 18 January 2017  
SPHERE and data-intensive challenges (PDF, 91kB) Tom Diethe Electrical and Electronic Engineering 15 December 2016 Bayesian modelling, sensor fusion, calibration, transfer learning, active learning, circular statistics
Untitled Tom Gaunt (PDF, 705kB) Tom Gaunt Bristol Medical School: Population Health 17 November 2016  
Joint reconstruction of ancestral genomes, evolutionary history (PDF, 115kB) Tom Williams Biological Sciences 15 December 2016  
The BHM framework (PDF, 454kB) Zhe Sha Earth Sciences 14 March 2017  
Research Data Service (PDF, 123kB) Zosia Beckles Library Services 8 February 2018  
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