Ask JGI PhD Recruitment

Ask-JGI is recruiting Data Science support!

The Jean Golding Institute for data science and data intensive research offers a data science/statistics consultancy via its Ask-JGI service. The service has been quite successful over the last four years and its currently run by three data scientists and one research software engineer, however, the service still needs additional support as data science requests have increased over the years. 


This is a paid opportunity for PhD students who enjoy helping other researchers and would like to further their experience in applying statistics, machine learning, text mining, etc. to data sets from a wide range of disciplines. The JGI will pay a demonstrator hourly fee (currently £13.05+holiday pay accrued). 

Application deadline: 21 May 2021 17:00PM

What is Ask-JGI, and what kinds of queries does it receive? 

The Ask-JGI service offers support and advice for all data science and data intensive research queriesUp to 1 day of support is freely available to University of Bristol staff and PhD students in all faculties and departments. Many of these queries require statistics expertise, particularly those in applied statistics (for example power analyses, model choice, model interpretation, etc) and applied machine learning (including natural language processing, deep learning, clustering, etc).  

The service has run for years, receiving on average 80 queries per year (1-2 per week), from researchers in almost every faculty and school. Some of these queries develop into longer term research collaborations, grant applications, and publications.  

How it works 

  1. Researchers email 

  1. An automatic email is sent to the querier, asking for the additional details that we usually need to solve the problem (e.g. description of aim and problem, description or excerpt of data) and letting them know when to expect a response. 

  1. JGI Data Scientists will share the queries in the Ask-JGI slack channel and the JGI Data Science team (including PhD team members) will come forward to reply to the query on a first come first serve basis 

  1. When a PhD DS team member has taken on a query a JGI Data Scientist ‘buddy’ will be assigned as well in case further support is requiredespecially when first joining the team as there may be questions about processes and ways of working, but we believe that PhD DS team members will soon become fully independent. 

  1. The assigned JGI DS team member (this could be one of our data scientists or a PhD student in the DS support team) organises a meeting with the querier, to hear more about the problem and/or help them with their query. Sometimes a second meeting is also needed. 

  1. The JGI DS team member sends a follow-up email with details of support and closes the query.  

Joining the JGI DS team and getting paid 

  1. Complete the application form

  1. If your application is successful, one of our data scientists will be in touch to answer any questions before starting the work. 

  1. Please read the information provided in the UoB Student support pages, please note that postgraduate students cannot work more than 20 hours per week. 

  1. You will need to register with TSS (the JGI administrator will provide further information about this step) by registering, you will have access to timesheets that you can use to make a claim for the hours that you work. 

  1. Work will be paid by the end of the month (around the 26 of each month) 

The JGI aims to make data science and statistics expertise accessible to all, we work under a Code of Conduct that aims to support equality, fairness and respect. We expect that all members of the JGI DS team adhere to our Code of Conduct and the University of Bristol EDI guidance. If you have any queries regarding the query/project that you are working on, please don’t hesitate to contact your data scientist buddy. 

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