About the group

Floodplain lake in the central Amazon basinOur research interests focus on the understanding and modelling of hydrologic and hydraulic problems using advanced numerical methods, remote sensing, laboratory experiments and field measurements.

One of the specialisms of our group is the development of in-house computer models. In particular, we develop computer models for prediction of key hydrological hazards and distribute these to large user communities as management tools. The processes modelled in the group include flood inundation with LISFLOOD-FP, landslides with CHASM, groundwater contamination with ESTEL and hillslope-channel coupling with Coup2D.

We hold research grants from a variety of government and industry sources and participate in major consortium projects such as the UK Flood Risk Management Research Consortium and the EU FP6 project FLOODsite. Recent clients include the UK Government (via NERC and EPSRC), the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Malaysian Government. We are also a development partner of the TELEMAC hydrodynamic software suite for the Laboratoire National d'Hydraulique, Electricite de France, Paris. Furthermore, we are also an active partner in the Bristol Water Initiative. In addition, Prof. Malcolm Anderson edits Hydrological Processes and Prof. Paul Bates edits the International Journal of River Basin Management.

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