Undergraduate profiles: Bethany

Why did you decide to apply for your course at Bristol?

The prestige of the university was a factor but the main reasons were the course structure offered due to a broad first year and choice of specialism in the second year. I also loved the feel of the city – friendly and pretty.

What do you like best about your course?

The lecturers are great – very helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. The content is also at the cutting edge of current Geography, such as Glacial Microbiology and Ecohydrology.

What do you think of the University’s academics and facilities?

All staff are very helpful and the facilities are good. The libraries are well stocked and the journal access is extremely broad.

Sport facilities are also very good with multiple sports fields just outside the city centre, a gym on the precinct and a swimming pool at the Student Union.

What would you say to a prospective student?

It is different from A-level in a very good way – it is much more interesting and diverse than what the exam boards teach. Field trips abroad are compulsory. These are great fun, very interesting and a good way to see and understand other places.

Geography at Bristol also well equips you for many things after you have left as we study more computing and statistical analysis than other Geography courses which, although seems frightening, is actually interesting, very appealing for employers and adds extra depth to the course.

Bethany, MSci Geography

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