PhD in Physical Geography

There are many opportunities for carrying out a PhD in Physical Geography in the School of Geographical Sciences, with several different funding routes.

A list of currently available projects is shown below. This list is not exhaustive, so if you have another idea or project in mind, please contact one of the supervisors listed below, other potential supervisors or for general enquiries to discuss things further.

NERC GW4+ DTP Projects 2022

This is an exciting opportunity to apply for a project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). We are now accepting applications for PhD projects commencing Autumn 2023 in the Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences.

The application deadline for 2023 projects is 23:30 on Monday 9th January 2023.

It is important that you follow the detailed instructions provided in 'How to apply for the GW4+ DTP NERC (PhD)' and read the Admissions Statement when applying. The prospectus also shows other Bristol Schools offering projects under this DTP.

When applying for GW4+ DTP projects in the School of Geographical Sciences please choose 'Geographical Sciences: Physical (PhD)' in the 'find a programme' box. You should refer to the project title and supervisor in your application. You will need to make a separate application for each project you wish to be considered for.

Further particulars of the programme including eligibility for international applicants (including EU) can be found here.  

Project titleSupervisor(s)
Using deep learning to reconstruct past ocean warming and future sea level rise Dr Rory Bingham

Project description and more info (PDF, 335kB)

Understanding water quality across the UK for a clean water future Dr Josh Dean

Project description and more info (PDF, 377kB)

Developing sensitive isotopic tracers of marine gateway exchange Professor Rachel Flecker

Project description and more info (PDF, 351kB)

Assessing potential of forests for sustainable climate mitigation Dr Jo House

Project description and more info (PDF, 328kB)

Future changes in convective storms across Africa in new km-scale climate scenarios Dr Rachel James

Project description and more info (PDF, 362kB)

Investigating the impacts of plastic use in agriculture on the soil ecosystem Dr Charlotte Lloyd

Project description and more info (PDF, 304kB)

Methane in ancient climates – a hidden climate feedback? Professor Dan Lunt

Project description and more info (PDF, 358kB)

Improving future predictions of the ocean biological pump in climate models Dr Fanny Monteiro

Project description and more info (PDF, 384kB)

Meltwater, the stability of ice shelves and the contribution of Antarctica to future sea level rise Professor Tony Payne

Project description and more info (PDF, 278kB)

Cyanobacterial blooms and their microbiome in a changing climate Dr Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo

Project description and more info (PDF, 282kB)

Monsoons through Time: Why has the Asian monsoon changed? Professor Paul Valdes

Project description and more info (PDF, 357kB)

Climate change’s impact on extreme European rainfall Dr Peter Watson

Project description and more info (PDF, 308kB)

Other studentship opportunities

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