PGR Workshop: Creating Impact in Policy and Practice

10 July 2024, 10.00 AM - 10 July 2024, 1.00 PM

Julia Dixon -Barrow (Entrepreneurship and Engagement Manager at ACH) Dr Jill Court (Policy and Research Officer at ACH and Honorary Research Associate, University of Bristol) Martin Preston (PhD Researcher, University of Bristol)

This is an IN-PERSON EVENT (Details of how to attend will be at the end of your order confirmation email)

Social justice in English language teaching: conceptualisation to enactment

PGR Workshop: Creating Impact in Policy and Practice

Hosted by: Language, Literacies and Education Network (LLEN)

What impact do you want your doctoral research to make outside of academia? Perhaps you want to create change or influence decision-makers in education, local or national government, NGOs or business?

This workshop will help you to reflect on the impact you want to achieve with your doctoral research, and the ways you can create this impact.

You will hear experiences of creating impact from academic research and gain valuable insight into how research is engaged with by practitioners and professionals outside of academia.

This event is a collaboration between the School of Education, University of Bristol and ACH, a social enterprise driving change and integration for refugee and migrant communities. ACH has partnerships with several universities, and partners and leads on a variety of projects that aim to enhance integration services for refugees and migrants and disrupt the systems that have entrenched inequalities in our society


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