Web Room Booking - FAQ

Please use this page if you are having any problems with a room booking. If the information on this page does not resolve your issue, please email the room bookings team.
If emailing about any booking, please include the room, building, date and time so the team are able to help you faster. 


Can't find a room?
Can't log on?
Don't have the correct access?
Can't find a building on the drop-down list?
Why is a room free on the timetable but not avaliable to book?
What does the room look like?
Is catering allowed?
Can a booking be cancelled?
Can the layout of a room be changed?
Can a booking be made for multiple days/weeks?
Can't select a date on the calendar?
Booking not showing on the timetable?
Can films be shown?
What AV equipment is in the room?


Can't find a room?

This can happen for a number of reasons:

      1. Fill in your capacity
      2. Fill in your dates
      3. Click the ‘view filtered rooms’ button
      4. This will make all rooms that are available come up (it’s best to use the Ctrl+F search function on your browser to find the room)
      5. You can then click the tick box at the end of the table for the room you need and click 'next' at the bottom of the page
      6. This should then let you book the room you have selected.

Can't log on?

Please make sure that you are using your username without the @Bristol.ac.uk when you try and log in. The page may want you to enter your details twice, so if you are struggling please make sure you have tried twice in a row. 

If this doesn't work, try a different internet browser to access the site and clear your browser history. 

If you are trying to log on when away from the main university campus, please use the VPN Remote Desktop Link

If you are a temporary member of staff or a PhD student, you may not have access to book rooms. You can contact the room bookings team to check this, or you can ask a member of staff to book a room on your behalf.

Students are not permitted to book university rooms through this system, here is the link for student requests

Don't have the correct access?

All staff members are able to log in to the web room bookings page. If you can't log in, please follow the instructions in the above section.

If you are a local room booker and cannot find a room you need to book, please check the timetable and the specifications of the room to ensure the room is free and you have the right information. 

Next, please check that you are not going through the central room bookings page. You will need to use the Syllabus+ portal to book your local rooms.

If you are still unable to book the room, and believe you should have access, please email ETG Support.

Can't find a building on the drop-down list?

Not every building is on the drop-down list. You can leave this blank if the building you need isn't showing. The only required information you need to fill in is the expected capacity, date and time.

Why is a room free on the timetable but not available to book?

Some of our rooms can be booked jointly, therefore may show as free on the timetable as individual rooms.

For example; Merchant Venturers Building 1.11 and 1.11A can be booked separately and jointly, therefore if you wanted to book 1.11, you would need to check the timetable for both 1.11 and 1.11/1.11A.

If room is still unavailable to book without there being anything in the timetable, this may mean that the room has been made unavailable by the room bookings team on purpose for another reason, or you are looking at a locally owned room which you don't have permission to book. Please contact room bookings if you think this is the case and they will be able to provide you with the correct information. 

What does the room look like?

You can view central rooms through the Central teaching spaces page. This website holds information such as capacity and layout, plus photos of the room and catering permissions.

Is catering allowed?

Catering is strictly limited to the following rooms:

AIMS Centre SR1 E323
AIMS Centre SR2A E401
AIMS Centre SR2B E401
GEOG Hepple G1S
PHYS B16/17 Enderby
VIC ROOMS G27 Recital
WMB 1.5
WMB 3.23
WMB Great Hall
WMB Reception Room

These are the only central rooms that allow catering; this includes lunches, dinners, hot drinks and any other type of refreshment. 

The University does not have the resources to police each booking; we work on the basis of trust so please cooperate with the catering restrictions.

Can a booking be cancelled?

When you go to book a room, you can find all of your previous requests through clicking on the ‘My Bookings’ link at the bottom of the page:
My Bookings screenshot
This will take you to a page with your bookings and their status, to the right-hand side of the table there is a button to cancel your booking:
 My Bookings 2
If you require a change of time, or want to remove an individual date/room from a block booking, please contact the room bookings team who will be able to do this for you. 

Can the layout of a room be changed?

You are able to change the layout of the room as you want during your booking, however we do ask that you return all rooms to the way you found them. There will be an information card on the wall in most central rooms with layout information.

If you require a major change to the room, you can email the estate assistants or room bookings who may be able to arrange this for you.

Can a booking be made for multiple days/weeks?

You can select multiple weeks on the web room bookings website. 

Once you log in and select your capacity, building etc. you can click on "select multiple days/weeks":
 Select Multi Days/Weeks
This will bring up:
 Day-Week Selection
You can then chose the days and weeks that you want. If you want multiple weeks, just hold down Ctrl when selecting them. 
For example: 
 Multi Day-Week Selection Example
Once you select the weeks and times, the system will find any rooms that are free for these dates for you to book. 

If you don't have any rooms come up, you can take a look at the timetables to see where there are bookings already in the system. You can then make room/date/time changes as needed.

Can't select a date on the calendar?

If you can’t select the dates you want, firstly check that you are in the correct year. Dates that fall outside of the academic year will appear on the calendar but will not be available to select.

For example; if you wish to select the 17th July 2020 you will need to be in the 19/20 booking page, whereas if you want to book the 20th July 2020, you will have to be in the 20/21 booking page when this becomes available.

Booking not showing on the timetable?

Please allow 48 hours for your booking to be processed. When you make a booking, it comes through to the room bookings team to check and schedule it manually. 

Booking requests do not automatically go into the timetable, therefore please wait until your booking confirmation email comes through before you assume you have the room booked or checking the timetable for your booking. 

Can films be shown?

While most rooms are equipped to show DVDs and videos, showing of films outside of structured teaching can put us in breach of copyright if the film is not rented from an appropriate distributor and a public viewing licence (PRS or PVS) paid.

Anyone planning any film showing outside of structured teaching should refer to the Secretary's Office for clarification.

What AV equipment is in the room?

You are able to see information regarding AV equipment in individual rooms on the Central teaching spaces webpage. There is also an audio visual support page.

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