Facilities and analytical capabilities

Members of the MATES group use numerous laboratories and facilities across the School, the University, and the world.

The School of Earth Sciences Biogeochemistry lab houses a suite of incubators, a fume hood, two laminar flow hoods, an autoclave, centrifuges, a MilliQ water system, analytical balances, a soil prep room, and an acid-washing room. Instrumental/analytical equipment includes: Dionex ion chromatographs, gas chromatographs, a Thermo Finnigan Delta plus XP isotope ratio mass spectrometer, UV-Visible spectrophotometers and a Qubit fluorometer, PCR machines, a flow cytometer, DNA and protein gel equipment, and a set of microscopes including an inverted fluorescence microscope.

Group members also make extensive use of the Microbeam Facility, Geological Fluid Mechanics Lab, Bristol Isotope Group (BIG) labs, Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry lab, the Organic Geochemistry Unit labs including the , Diamond Light Source, and the Environmental Geoscience ICP-OES lab.

The Biogeochemistry lab
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