Academic Progression

If you have previously had a Student or a Tier 4 (General) Student visa, the University can only give you a CAS if your new course represents academic progress from your previous studies.

If you are currently in the UK with a Student/Tier 4 visa and wish to apply for a new Student visa, your eligibility to do this without leaving the UK would depend on the level of your studies, as well as on whether your current course has been successfully completed. If you have leave in a different immigration category, please contact us for advice.

Sometimes when you are progressing from one programme of study to the next, you will not yet have your degree results by the time you need to make a new visa application and start your new course. As long as your new programme is not at a lower level, you may still meet the academic progression requirement for applying inside the UK if you obtain a letter that says that you are "highly likely to complete" your current programme.  This letter will be based on results from studies to date at the time the letter is granted, usually after the taught elements in the case of a postgraduate taught programme. Please note that if you are relying on this letter to meet the academic progression requirement to apply for your next Student visa in the UK, any new visa granted may be cancelled if you subsequently fail to receive an award of your previous qualification.  If you think there is a risk that you might fail/have failed the final part of your course it will be safer to apply overseas as there is no academic progression requirement if you are applying overseas.

Some common scenarios concerning academic progression for Student/Tier 4 visa holders are described below.

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