Trading with the University

Trading safely with the University

Please be aware of attempted fraud using the contact details of a procurement team member, a fake purchase order or a spoof email address such as or .

We will never send purchase orders or credit requests from either of these email addresses. University email addresses end in and orders will only be issued with a unique University purchase order number.  Any invoices sent to us without a valid purchase order number will be rejected.

Should you be concerned that an order or application for credit has been received from an unknown source claiming to be the University, then please contact the Procurement team to verify the situation.

Deliveries should only be made to University premises except in exceptional circumstances.  If you receive a request to deliver goods to a non-University address, please contact Procurement and quote the purchase order number.

Invoice payment process

All invoices submitted for payment should clearly quote a University of Bristol purchase order number.   Any invoices sent to us without a valid purchase order number will be rejected. (Further information about invoicing the University) . 

If you haven't been provided with a purchase order, or don't have contracts arranged via Procurement, please ask the University department wanting to make the purchase to provide a purchase order number to you before you manufacture or ship anything to us.  

Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply in relation to dealings between the buyer and the seller with reference to the goods or services for any department within the University.

short form terms and conditions v8 (PDF, 253kB)

Terms and Conditions - Maintenance and repair (PDF, 170kB)

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