Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Strategy

The University TEL Strategy (Office document, 37kB) comprises a suite of documents:

  • A TEL Strategy setting out the principles of our approach;
  • A TEL Roadmap that underpins the Strategic Aims, a resource for developing workstreams, and identifying principles and outcome objectives for potential projects;
  • A Key Challenges and Trends paper that will be revised periodically in light of international annual trends assessments such as ECAR, the HE Horizon Scan and internal staff and student surveying.

It is currently being reviewed to see if it needs to be updated.

TEL Roadmap

The Roadmap produced as part of this process seeks to capture the direction of travel and to group the key themes and possible future work streams. It has sought to capture all key story lines, so as to reassure people on how their particular perspective and priorities are reflected within the approach.

The document will become a core resource document for use during implementation, regularly revisited, as our TEL Strategy itself is short and seeks to capture the principles of our approach rather than a detailed priority list. 1



1 University of Bristol (2012) Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy 2012 (docx) March 2012, (Office document, 37kB)

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