Campus Pack 4

From mid July 2012 Campus Pack 3, our current version of the wiki, blog and podcast plugin in Blackboard, will no longer be supported by Learning Objects,  the provider.  In order to preserve and extend this functionality we are moving to an enhanced hosted service, Campus Pack 4, which adds group and personal learning spaces to the existing blog, wiki and podcast tools. This upgrade will also fix some of the problems we have been experiencing with the current version. The upgrade to Campus Pack 4 will take place on Friday 17th August, slightly later than the rest of the Blackboard upgrade, due to technical work being carried out by Learning Objects.

New features include:

  • Personal and group learning spaces, which are owned and managed by users (Facebook-type functionality within Blackboard)
  • A range of content templates for courses, groups or individuals to use e.g. blogs, CVs, portfolios, personal development plans
  • Improved Instructor view of blogs and wikis through a dashboard
  • Ability to create multiple blogs / wikis at once e.g. for individuals or groups
  • Easily create podcasts directly in a Blackboard course