Funded projects


Project titleInvestigatorsFunding bodyValue (£)End dateProject website

Dr Giuliano Allegri,
Professor Stephen Hallett, Dr Luiz Kawashita

Innovate UK 1,700,000 30/04/2022  
Physically Based Modelling of Fatigue in Composites Dr Giuliano Allegri RAEng 200,000 30/09/2025  
Adaptive Aerostructures for Power and Transportation Sustainability Dr Benjamin Woods EPSRC 1,119,000 30/09/2025  
Fibre-steared Forming Technology

Dr Byung Chul Kim,
Professor Stephen Hallett, Professor Ian Hamerton, Dr Marco Longana, Dr Jonathan Belnoue

EPSRC 350,000 30/11/2021  
IAA3 Dr Byung Chul Kim EPSRC 15,000 30/06/2021  

Professor Fabrizio Scarpa,
Dr David Barton

EPSRC 383,000 31/03/2022  
InnoSTAT Professor Fabrizio Scarpa EU 258,000 30/09/2023 InnoSTAT
SSUCHY Professor Fabrizio Scarpa EU 334,000 28/02/2022 SSUCHY
Natural nEUROactive Mechanical mETAmaterials (NEUROMETA)

Professor Fabrizio Scarpa,
Professor Adam Perriman

EU 2,586,000 30/09/2026  
UK Space Agency project Professor Ian Hamerton STFC 36,000 31/07/2021  
Investigation of fine-scale flows in composites processing

Dr Thomas Rendall,
Dr James Kratz, Professor Kevin Potter, Dr Raf Theunissen, Professor Andrew Calway

EPSRC 938,000  31/03/2022  
Real-time Material Measurements and Process Control in AFP Composites Manufacture Dr James Kratz EPSRC 333,000 31/01/2022  
Layer by Layer Curing Dr James Kratz EPSRC 337,000 30/11/2023 Layer by Layer Curing
Integration of semi-cured composite elements into a full-scale wing test article Dr James Kratz EPSRC 50,000 31/12/2021  
FIDELITY Professor Janice Barton EU 169,000 31/03/2022  

Professor Ole Thomsen,
Professor Janice Barton, Professor Stephen Hallett, Professor Kevin Potter

EPSRC 4,237,000 31/07/2024 CerTest
The Future Composites Manufacturing Hub

Professor Ole Thomsen,
Professor Ivana Partridge, Professor Carwyn Ward

EPSRC 978,000 31/12/2023 The Future Composites Manufacturing Hub

Professor Richard Trask,
Professor Michael Wisnom, Dr Giuliano Allegri, Professor Steve Eichhorn, Professor Ian Hamerton

EPSRC 2,648,000 30/06/2025 NextComp
Realising Functional Cellulosic Bio-based Composites Professor Steve Eichhorn EPSRC 1,562,000 28/02/2026  
FANDANGO Professor Stephen Hallett,
Professor Michael Wisnom, Dr Giuliano Allegri, Dr Luiz Kawashita
Innovate UK 940,000 31/12/2022  
SIMulation of new manufacturing PROcesses for Composite Structures (SIMPROCS) Professor Stephen Hallett,
Dr Dmitry Ivanov, Professor Carwyn Ward, Dr Byung Chul Kim, Dr James Kratz, Professor Ivana Partridge, Professor Kevin Potter, Dr Luiz Kawashita
EPSRC 1,116,000 30/04/2022  
DETI POC3.9 Optimised Modelling in Manufacturing Professor Stephen Hallett,
Dr Jonathan Belnoue
WECA 250,000 31/07/2022  
Made Faster - Rapid, physics-based simulation tools for composite manufacture Professor Stephen Hallett,
Dr Jonathan Belnoue, Dr Ekaterina Gongadze, Dr Ric Sun, Dr Adam Thompson
EPSRC 795,000 31/08/2024  
NanoCAGE Professor Valeska Ting EPSRC 250,000 31/03/2023  
ORE Catapult Wind Blade Research Hub Professor Paul Weaver Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult L 698,000 05/06/2022 ORE Catapult Wind Blade Research Hub
Hybrid Deterministic/Statistical Multi-scale Modelling Techniques for 3D Woven Composites Dr Bassam Elsaied   254,680 30/09/2023  
IAA MicroTool – Micro-modelling tool for Ceramic Matrix Composite Riccardo Manno, Dr Giuliano Allegri, Dr Adam Thompson EPSRC 40,140    


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