MSc in Advanced Composites

Programme overview

Our MSc programme provides you with an in-depth theoretical understanding and practical knowledge of advanced composites. The programme is based in the Bristol Composites Institute (BCI), which houses state-of-the-art composites manufacturing facilities to help you conduct cutting-edge research in the field of composites engineering. The BCI comprises over 30 academics, 40 post-doctroal researchers and 100 post-graduate students dedicated to composites research, establishing itself as a global leader in this field.

BCI has strong industrial and research links with various international companies and research centres. Many of our MSc students choose projects proposed by our industrial partners for their dissertation projects. This provides them with excellent opportunities to address industry-relevant challenges and significantly enhances their employability for future careers. Furthermore, many of our overseas students secure their jobs in the UK through the Graduate Route visa, which enables them to work for 2 years immediately after completing their degrees.

BCI collaborates closely with the National Composites Centre to create synergies between academia and industry. The NCC was established by the University of Bristol as one of the UK's Catapult centres with the capital investment exceeding £65M, to support industry to test, demonstrate and develop innovative ideas while fostering collaborations between industry, research organisations and academia. The NCC offers our MSc graduates the chance to apply for the NCC internship scheme, which is an excellent opportunity to gain strong industrial research experience.

The BCI offers two types of master degrees: MSc (taught master) and MScR (Master in Science by Research).

MSc (taught)

This taught master programme consists of 9 months of structured taught courses followed by a 3-month research project. This programme is tailored for graduate students with relevant bachelor's or master's degrees who aspire to become composite engineers. Engineers with industrial experience seeking to transition their expertise to composites will also find this programme very suitable.

MScR (Master in Science by Research)

This research master's program consists solely of a one-year-long research project, without taught courses. It offers you the chance to conduct intensive research on a topic related to composites under the supervision of BCI academics with relevant expertise. This program provides excellent opportunities to establish solid foundations for further research, such as pursuing a PhD or EngD. Therefore, it is ideal for graduate students with degrees closely related to composites or engineers with relevant degrees and industrial experience.

Enrolling in the MSC Advanced Composites course at the University of Bristol has been a transformative experience. The program offers unparalleled depth of knowledge and practical insights directly applicable to the industry to address the real-world challenges. The supportive and focused culture at Bristol ensures that every student receives exceptional guidance and assistance.

Swaraj Rajeshirke (Mechanical Engineer, Magma Global Ltd.)


There are no specific scholarships dedicated to our MSc program. However, you may apply for university-level scholarships. 

For UK students - Bristol Master's scholarship

For international students - ThinkBig International Scholarship



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Key contacts

If you have any questions about the program details or application process, please feel free to contact us.

Programme Director

Dr ByungChul (Eric) Kim

General enquiries

Career prospects

Our MSc graduates pursue various career paths based on their long-term aspirations.

  • Working in industry (Aerospace - Airbus, Rolls-Royce / Automotive - JLR, Bugatti-Rimac / Wind energy - Vestas / Defence - Babcock / Composites manufacturing - Magma / R&D organisations - National Composites Centre / high-tech start-ups - iCOMAT / consultancy companies, etc.)
  • Continuing research through PhD or EngD.

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Working in the UK after your degree

Students can apply for Graduate Route visas, which allow them to work in the UK industry for 2 years upon successful completion of their MSc degrees. Many of our international students have seamlessly transitioned into roles within the UK industry immediately following their degree completion, without any gaps.

For more information, please visit Graduate route.

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