Shelley Hales

Senior Lecturer; Co-ordinator for the Faculty of Art’s school outreach activities

Shelley is the department's art historian and teaches a range of art and architectural topics to our undergraduates here at Bristol, from Classical sculpture and the cityscape of Rome to the impact of the rediscovery of Pompeii on modern culture. Her own research explores the domestic and personal art of the Roman empire and she has also published work on the influence of that art on the nineteenth century.

Shelley coordinates the Faculty of Art's school outreach activities, and currently runs the Faculty's Aspire to Arts programme. She has run several local and national school Classics competitions and regularly delivers school talks and activities (from helping Year 4s re-enact Greek myths to drilling Year 9s in Roman military formations) in both primary and secondary schools.

shelley hales
Shelley Hales
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