Student support case study - Building resilience


Conversations about climate change often focus on developed countries and low-carbon solutions. But for small island states, like St Lucia or Fiji, rising sea levels and extreme weather are already a reality. PhD student, Tera Sprague (MEd 2008, PhD 2014-), is exploring how communities are coping with these changes by talking to climate change experts, community leaders and schoolchildren in these three regions. Tera’s PhD is collectively funded by alumni donations to the Centenary Campaign.

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Make a gift to the Cabot Institute for the Environment by emailing Katie McKeogh in our fundraising team stating that you wish the gift to go towards the Cabot Institute. 

We have much to learn from their collective experience. Their insight (largely absent from international literature) will provide researchers and policymakers with powerful real-life examples. One of my objectives is to consider ways these can be introduced to the wider international development community. Being an alumna myself, receiving this funding is particularly meaningful – it makes me especially proud to be part of the Bristol community. The support I’ve received has allowed me to address my research at pace, and work with people across the globe. Thank you.

Tera Sprague, Environment, Energy and Resilience (PhD)
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