How do we ensure a just transition to a carbon neutral and climate resilient Bristol?

27 July 2021, 1.00 PM - 27 July 2021, 2.00 PM


In February 2020, Bristol launched the ambitious One City Climate Strategy committing to becoming carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2030. The Strategy calls for a fair and collaborative approach based upon a just transition, but how can we ensure that happens?Join Dr Alix Dietzel (University of Bristol) and Dr Alice Venn (University of Exeter) to discuss the outcome of their year-long project, funded by the Cabot Institute, to understand the role that non-state organisations might play in supporting a just transition.

The project brought together the following Bristol-based actors engaged in climate policy, to understand their decision-making processes and whether these align with Bristol’s One City Strategy:

• Black and Green Ambassadors

• Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change

• One City Environmental Board

• One City Economic Board

• Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol

• CyclingWorks Bristol

• Arup

The aim of the project is to inform the development of more just and inclusive climate policy responses and help lift the voices of the most vulnerable in our society who may be impacted most by the effects of climate change. This event is an opportunity to share the initial findings from the project, answer your questions, and get your feedback and thoughts on the outcomes. We would love to have your input, so please join us.

Further information about the speakers

Dr Alix Dietzel is a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Bristol. Alix’s research focuses on climate justice and the evaluation of the global political response to climate change. Alix’s approach allows her to understand and assess the complexities of state and sub-state responses to climate change and make suggestions for reform that are grounded in both ethical considerations and policy analysis.

Dr Alice Venn is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. Alice’s research examines international climate law and policy, in particular human rights-based approaches to climate change, climate loss & damage, and the remedies available to climate-vulnerable states and communities.

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