GW4 WSA webinar: What can social sciences tell us about digital water transformations?

7 May 2021, 2.30 PM - 7 May 2021, 3.30 PM


Digital water transformation is often written about as though universally desirable, inevitable and capable of addressing the complex socioecological challenges. However, we should not take digital water innovation for granted; there are tensions and unintended consequences of digital transformation, its social and political dimensions are often neglected. This talk introduces case studies of digital water development, bringing examples of technological innovation into dialogue with literature and empirical research from across the social sciences. From sensing technologies, platform economies to cyber security regulations, digital technologies are reconfiguring how we relate to water system.

The presentation will conclude with an outline for a novel, pluralistic and interdisciplinary research on digital water development.

About Dr Ola Michalec
Dr Ola Michalec is a social scientist interested in policies and politics of digital innovation and climate change. Currently, she explores ‘the making of’ cyber security regulations across water and energy sectors.

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