Public Health in a Warmer World

10 November 2021, 9.30 AM - 10 November 2021, 10.30 AM

Main Science Pavilion, COP and online

In the proposed session speakers from UKHSA (formerly Public Health England) will offer a view of early findings from four chapters (temperature, air quality, food systems and vector-borne diseases) of the forthcoming Health Effects of Climate Change in the UK Report. Each will outline what actions need prioritisation in light of the UK NDCs and commitments under the Adaptation Communication and the imminent first Global Stocktake of 2023.

The session will conclude with reflections from two international panellists (one each from the climate and health community)- independent from the talks. These experts will comment specifically on the research and science challenges for impact assessments in the context of their country (Switzerland and USA).

Panellists: Alan Dangour (LSHTM), Kris Ebi, Karen Exley (UKHSA), Emma Gillingham (UKHSA),  Helen Macintyre (UKHSA), Jolyon Medlock (UKHSA), Dann Mitchell (University of Bristol), Revati Phalkey (UKHSA), Sonia Seneviratne

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The COP26 science pavilion is co-hosted by the World Meterological Organization, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Met Office, with support from the UK COP26 Presidency.


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