Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance group undertakes high-calibre empirical and theoretical research across all key areas of corporate finance and governance. Members of the group actively collaborate with academics and practitioners nationally and internationally to address challenges modern corporations face.

The group researches into a wide range of topics related to firm financing decisions in equity and debt markets and to corporate investment choices. The group has also strong interests in the factors that shape incentives of managers and owners, including institutional investors.

Research findings of the group are regularly published in high-quality finance, accounting and economics journals and are presented at leading international conferences. They attract global media coverage, and group members have established links with the industry and regulators.


The group collaborates with colleagues at Exeter, Lancaster and Manchester universities to organise the Annual Corporate Finance Conference and a seminar series.

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Organisations or individuals interested in working with the Corporate Finance research group, please contact:

Headshot of Neslihan Ozkan

Professor Neslihan Ozkan

B.Sc.(Bogazici), M.A., Ph.D.(Boston College)
Professor of Finance, University of Bristol Business School

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Learn more about the latest Courporate Finance research group seminar series.

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