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Become a Bristol Futures learner and involve yourself in a new way of educating yourself with our innovative learning resources and extracurricular activities.

New for 2022, as part of the Bristol Futures Festival, held during welcome week, an online showcase of student coursework created within the Bristol Futures optional units was set up, visit the showcase.

Learn about global challenges and fulfil your academic and personal potential through our Bristol Futures initiative. Designed for our students and keen external learners, Bristol Futures provides you with an opportunity to tackle the key challenges in Global Citizenship, Sustainable Futures and Innovation and Enterprise. If you’re already studying with us, it provides you the opportunities to develop core academic skills and key personal attributes to help you become a tenacious, inventive and confident graduate. You can use the Bristol Skills Framework to identify the skills and attributes you'd like to develop.

Bristol Futures allows you to:

  • Reflect on your achievements through Personal Development Planning (PDP). Create a portfolio and plan your future personal, academic and career development.
  • Develop your academic skills through our Study Skills resources. Access online, interactive resources and attend one-to-one tutorials, drop-in tutorials and small-group workshops.
  • Explore interdisciplinary topics through Optional Units. Use new learning resources to complement your structured learning environment.
  • Collaborate with others at the University and around the world. Join an Open Online Course and enjoy a flexible way of learning about the global challenges that impact our society.
  • Connect with others in the city of Bristol and beyond. Participate in a range of Engagement Opportunities that will help you make connections, enhance your employability and prepare you for life after University.

What is the Bristol Skills Framework?

Bristol Skills Framework is a set of skills and attributes, identified by students, staff, alumni and employers, that we feel our students should have the opportunity to gain while studying with us. Students can use the framework to identify areas they would like to work on as well as using to articulate, on CVs, the areas they feel they excel in.

Get started

Already studying with us? about to join? or just keen to experience what learning at Bristol might be like? Bristol Futures has something to offer you. Get started by creating a Personal Development Plan, searching our Engagement Opportunities or signing up to an Open Online Course. 

Students studying together on a laptop. Access our Open Online Courses

Sign up for interactive online courses through FutureLearn.

Information for students

Log in to Blackboard to access Study Skills and Personal Development Planning resources.

Stand out with the Bristol PLUS Award

Whether you’re a new student or heading into your final year, you can have your engagement in Bristol Futures’ activities recognised with the Bristol PLUS Award. All types of extracurricular opportunities can count towards the award. Endorsed and valued by employers, the Bristol PLUS Award can help you articulate your achievements and skills and stand out from the crowd.

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