BrisSynBio has access to the people and equipment provided by the Microfluidics Facility. This includes a clean room and equipment to design and manufacture bespoke 3D microfluidics devices. These provide close control of cellular environments, allowing results to more predictable because local fluctuations in the environment are evened out. Cell behaviour can then be captured by high-resolution microscopy, e.g. as provided by the Wolfson Imaging Facility. In addition, feedback can be included, either via human intervention or robotics. All of this provides new ways to keep cell behaviour in check.

Equipment includes:

  • Clean rooms for device manufacture, including an existing clean room in Engineering, a new large clean room under development in Physics, and space in NSQI and Biochemistry.
  • EVG620 semi-automated mask aligner.
  • EVG510 semi-automated wafer bonding system.
  • FEMTO plasma oven.

Clean room bench space and equipment for manufacturing devices is bookable, as are microscopes and pumps for running experiments.

Academic Equipment Lead: Professor Claire Grierson

Equipment for designing and manufacturing bespoke 3D microfluidics devices

Equipment booking

BrisSynBio users are welcome to book our equipment.  

Please contact us (brissynbio-equipment@bristol.ac.uk) for more information about this equipment.

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